10 Interesting Facts About Cannabis Seeds

 10 Interesting Facts About Cannabis Seeds

Knowledge is power and with that sentiment, all of us can use it to dispel some illusions surrounding numerous myths about cannabis seeds. Much of its ill reputation stems from cultural stigmas that it’s a highly addictive drug with many negative side effects. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are some interesting facts that you can share when you want to have a productive and informative chat with anybody. So, in no particular order:

1.The seeds of the cannabis plant are fully edible.

Contrary to popular belief, they are not smoked or inhaled, but you can eat them in any other way. Dry, roasted, cooked, grounded up, really anything goes with them. You can sprinkle them over your food or mix them in with other spices and use them in your everyday cooking.

2.Size doesn’t matter!

In this case, it really is like that. Any size of the seed contains virtually the same nutritional value. They do vary in size but we are talking about millimeters here. From a few millimeters to average small vegetable seeds, it really doesn’t matter as any seed size of cannabis is good for eating, and you don’t have to pick and choose but just grab them as they come. What matters is what is on the inside and that is amino acids, vitamins, and fibers. Most of which our body doesn’t produce and sorely needs.

3. Keeping it cool.

In both ways, as the trend is slowly (in some places progress is moving at glacier speeds) but surely changing. They are becoming part of our modern-day lives and with that, they can easily follow our pace. Keeping the seeds requires a fridge and they can be safely stored in it. And even for years in vacuum or tight pack containers. Growing them is also easy and cool as they require a bit of moisture, some dirt and there you have it. It’s a very versatile, robust, and enduring plant that you can even grow on your balcony. Now, with this being said please keep the following in mind:

4. Laws regarding cannabis vary.

In the UK, cannabis seeds are perfectly legal, but abroad this is not always the case. Even in the USA, laws vary from state to state. So, beware if you are sending seeds to a foreign friend, or if you want to take seeds on holiday. Also, it’s always wise to do a bit of research as buying and possessing seeds is not the same as planting and growing them and the letter of the law can clearly draw a line between the two. As we said, knowledge is power, so it’s best to inform yourself.

5. Variety is the spice of life.

There is so much that you can do with them. By pressing them, you can make very versatile hemp oil and as previously mentioned they can be used in cooking. They also come in various hybrid variants. You can try out many of these and buy cannabis seeds in Australia. Some of the types are indica, ruderalis, and sativa but the number of hybrid ones is off the charts. Almost all of the seeds that are currently available on the market have been created as hybrids.

6. They can easily spread.

You probably heard tales and urban legends about someone emptying their bird feeder in their balcony plan area and then, suddenly, they have themselves in a bit of a pickle as this plan sprouts out. The law, mostly, allows to own seeds but it is illegal to plant and harvest them. And such tales only go to show you how easy it can be to grow this plant, as it can easily spread itself around and multiply with minimum help or work from humans.

7. Girl power.

Many of the commercially available cannabis seeds are feminized. This means that it’s easier to grow female plants rather than male ones and that’s good news for farmers that have licenses to grow them for commercial purposes.

8. Let’s not forget hemp oil.

 Made by pressing and squeezing our cannabis seeds, this product is used in beauty products, plastics, and can even be added with food because of its high levels of essential fatty acids. The seeds contain no THC, so hemp oil is not psychoactive and has no hallucinating side effects.

9.Cannabis thru history.

Archaeologists have found cannabis seeds in many places on earth. From China to Vikings, cannabis and hemp by extension has found many and practical uses.

10.Part of tradition.

In parts of Poland, they prepare a traditional Christmas Eve supper with a kind of soup called siemieniotka, and its main ingredient is cannabis seeds. There are many recipes for this online so check them out.

After all is said and done, we hope that these points can help you spread the word to debunk many myths surrounding this plant. Its pros far outweigh the cons and, as we saw, the plant can spread itself around very easily. With that in mind, so can the truth and facts about it. And you can be the change you want to see in the world, so armed with this info, go and plant the seeds of change.

Clare Louise

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