10 questions to ask when buying an engagement ring

 10 questions to ask when buying an engagement ring

Buying a wedding ring only happens (in theory) once in our life. It’s normal that we don’t know how to find our way! They are the perfect marriage between natural and artificial, delicacy and solidity, with a range and a palette of varied styles, whether for men and women. Whether you choose this solid wood jewel or choose to have the best of both worlds by combining metal with an inlay with a wooden insert (or vice versa), there is something for everyone. This is the overview of the subject in 10 questions, expert advice in support. These below mentioned questions will help you to find the best ring as per your requirement. The questions are as a whole on the engagement rings and thus cover all sorts of aspects.

  1. Who buys the ring?

Increasingly, especially in Quebec, women are present during the purchase, according to the solitaire expert. One thing is clear: if we decide to let our spouse shop alone, he will have to make sure he makes the right choice.

The man should talk to the best friend or the mom of the bride to find out what types of rings appeal to his girlfriend. In addition, many women have Pinterest boards that they share with their spouses.

  1. Should engagement and wedding rings match?

Usually, when the man makes an engagement request, he offers the main ring, with a solitaire (diamond). When you choose the solitaire then surely Alexander Sparks can be the best place for you. At the wedding, we add the ring that completes the ring. The two rings must fit easily into each other. If an engagement ring is bent, the alliance will have to be bent too.

  1. How long before the wedding do we buy the rings?

We often have to make changes, says the expert, whether to change the size of the rings, have initials engraved on it or order the type of diamond desired. Better to give yourself time.

  1. Which metal should we choose?

White gold: One of the most frequent choices for wedding rings. It looks like silver but, unlike the latter, gold does not tarnish. White gold will however take on a little yellow color over time.

Platinum: As popular as white gold, platinum looks like silver. It is shiny and does not turn yellow. However, it tends to get dull over the years and is more easily scratched than gold.

Yellow gold: It is golden gold. “This is the trend we are seeing come back,” says Francis Guindon.

Rose gold: It is a little coppery gold. It tends to change a bit of color over time.

Silver: This is the cheapest option, but silver tarnishes quite easily. “Usually, if you invest in a diamond or a precious stone, you opt for a metal that will require little maintenance,” says the specialist.

Good to know: Pink gold combines better with light skin tones, and yellow gold, with olive tones. White gold and platinum are ideal for all skin tones.

  1. The price?

Platinum is more expensive than gold. As for the types of gold, the price varies, but the difference is not marked.

  1. How to choose the diamond?

As a general rule, the quality of a diamond is defined according to 4 C:

Carat: The carat represents the measurement used to determine the weight of a diamond. The higher the number, the more expensive it is.

Color: The color of a diamond is evaluated according to a color scale which is between D (colorless) and Z (pale yellow). The less color there is, the more you pay.

Clarity: This is the degree of purity of a diamond, which depends on the presence or absence of inclusions.

Cut: The way a diamond is cut is essential. This is what gives the magnificent plays of light specific to these precious stones. Emerald, round, oval, drying, cushion, marquise, pear, heart and princess are the most popular forms of diamonds.

  1. What about precious stones?

Diamonds remain the most common choice for brides and grooms. “However, those with a smaller budget opt ​​for precious or semi-precious stones.

Note: Precious stones are more expensive than semi-precious stones.

Precious stones: Sapphires are often the cheapest, and emeralds the most expensive.

Semi-precious stones: Quartz are generally the cheapest, and amethysts the most expensive.

  1. Do we choose the ring according to the morphology?

There are no specific rules, it is above all a question of comfort. “This is why it is important to try rings on site. On the web, it’s hard to know if you’re comfortable with a domed interior or rounded sides.

  1. How much does one spend on a wedding ring?

This is a thousand dollar question for which there is no ready-made answer. The price depends on several factors, such as the metal and the type of stone chosen. But there is one thing you should know: It is always possible to” improve “a ring after a few years, with a larger diamond, for example.

  1. What maintenance is Required

It depends on the material used in the engagement ring. For example, silver rings usually require just good cleaning with a polishing cloth to maintain the ring’s shine and luster, while gold rings may require it more frequently.

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Last Words: Any tips for shopping well?

Nothing prevents us from looking at the choices online, but for such a purchase, it is better to go to the store. Questions are asked about the color, clarity and provenance of the diamond. An important point: since we risk having our alliance for a long time, we also think of after-sales service. It may need to be cleaned, or even adjusted, since our fingers change over time. It is therefore essential to have a good relationship with your jeweler. When you are looking for the best engagement ring, then these aforementioned information can be of great help to you. Make your choice wisely and perfectly as the answers will help you out now. Wish you a happy purchase of your engagement ring.

Teresa Martinez

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