10 Ways to Save Energy Doing Laundry

 10 Ways to Save Energy Doing Laundry

Doing laundry takes up a lot of energy during the cleaning and drying process. A washing machine with a washer and dryer feature installed within can increase your electricity bill and shakes your budget too. But one cannot stop using it, instead applying the following ways, you can reduce the impact. So get going.

Use Cold Water Cycle – The best option while doing laundry is using the cold water cycle option. It is considered best as now there are eco-friendly detergents that assist in easy washing.

Wash Plenty of Clothes Together – When your basket of dirty clothes is full, only then you must use a washing machine. Filling whole will take power altogether at once without taking a short break in between. Say, you can clean your clothes after a week or ten days.

Wash Less Dirty Clothes with Quick Cycle or Hands – When you have less stained clothes to wash, then you can use the “quick” cycle on low water option present on the washing machine. Just cut down the wash cycle level to less than 10 minutes for each load. An alternative is to hand wash by giving some scrubs.

Quality Detergent Cleans Out Stains Fast – Using a quality detergent allows no pre-soaking time for clothes. Laundry softeners clean rough clothes like towels fast. You can choose whatever suits you.

Wear Clothes Twice When Not Dirty – A personal advice is you can wear the same clothes on multiple days. Inner clothing needs regular changes, but shirts, pants, skirts or jackets can be worn again if they are not dirty. You can wear your nighties, gowns, pyjamas for some nights before washing. Also, wearing them back will make them last longer.

Hang out Clothes after Washing as will Not Use Power – Avoid using the dryer whenever possible and dry the clothes naturally by putting them outside. Also, drying them outside ensures a beautiful smell coming from clothes and linen besides the sun killing the germs in the fabrics.

Wash with Energy-Efficient Washing Machine – Front-loaders are in trend from a lot many years due to their efficiency, but they have drawbacks as well. Like, they are expensive and take much time to repair. It makes it difficult for some people to bend down in front of them to put in and take out clothes. Top loaders can do a good job here. Buy them with good energy ratings as they are giving good competition to their front-loader cousins.

Buy Energy Saving Dryer – If you like using a dryer because it gets rid of wrinkles and softens fabric, then use an energy-efficient dryer. Just put clothes in them for a few minutes and squeeze the water out and hang them for the rest of the drying.

Less Ironing Saves Money – When a dryer makes clothes wrinkle-free, then there is no need for intensive ironing. Just fold your clothes directly and store them away. Machines now have wrinkle-free options that do not bother you to iron press the clothes. The final advice is to avoid ironing the house and garden clothing. 

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