12 Beautiful and Must-visit Beaches In Yogyakarta

 12 Beautiful and Must-visit Beaches In Yogyakarta

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Many people know Yogyakarta as Malioboro and Prambanan Temple. While those two places indeed must be seen, you still have a couple more times to explore the town in this holiday year. Tourism Minister, Arief Yahya, motivates you to go to Yogyakarta’s shores.

Here would be the must-visit shores across Yogyakarta.

  1. Siung Beach

Situated about 70 km, a two-hour driveway, Siung Beach is mainly famous for its enormous corals and deserts in the middle of Yogyakarta. The seas, particularly, are a sanctuary for rock-climbing fans. There are over 250 rock-climbing avenues accessible at this shore and for people that are eager to spend an evening under the stars, there is also a campsite accessible.

  1. Pok Tunggal Beach

This white sand beach is among the gorgeous beaches in Yogyakarta. The shore itself is comparatively new to the general public since it gained fame in 2012. What is exceptional about this beach is that there are, in reality, freshwater springs which come in the river stream running underneath the ground.

  1. Indrayanti Beach

The actual title of the beach is genuinely Sawal Pulang or even Pulsa Beach. The title Indrayanti is the title of a café proprietor whose company can be found on the shore. On the way, folks started to associate the shore with Indrayanti, along with the label stuck.

This white sand beach is rather well-known among tourists because lodgings, restaurants and cafes are easily obtainable in the region. The space between Yogyakarta and Indrayanti Beach is currently 65.8 km, roughly a two-hour drive in town.

  1. Sundak Beach

The story behind the title of Sundak Beach is intriguing, because the legend has it that in 1976 a pet was playing and it got lost in a cave. Within the cave, the dog saw a porcupine and wished to consume it. This resulted in a struggle between the 2 creatures.

In the long run, the puppy won the battle and the title Sundak was first born, an acronym of asu (puppy) and also landak (porcupine). Ahead of the title Sundak was first filmed, the shore was known as Wedibelah.

  1. Krakal Beach

Situated in Tanjungsari district, Krakal Beach provides a perspective of white sandy beach and coral reefs located at the coast. The waves in this location are favorable enough for customers and there are various resorts and restaurants out there to welcome people.

  1. Goa Cemara Beach

The shore is named Goa Cemara since you may encounter rows of walnut trees which make an illusion of entering a cave made from trees on your path into the shore. People that want to enjoy the shore from another angle might want to visit the lighthouse to view it from over.

  1. Baru Bantul Beach

Baru Bantul Beach is about the Exact Same street as Goa Cemara, Kuwaru, Pandansari along with Pandansimo beaches. Bantul Baru Beach is famous for its fish eateries.

  1. Depok Beach

Depok Beach is largely called the location for fish auctions which sell many types of fish and other sea animals.

  1. Samas Beach

Exactly like at Goa Cemara Beach, Samas Beach includes a lighthouse that guests could visit. Since the coastline of the shore is steep, it is not a good idea to swim out too far. On the west side of Samas Side, there is a new attraction named Pesona Pengklik (The Wonder of all Pengklik) Lagoon, that is presently being developed.

  1. Parangtritis Beach

Possibly the most well-known beach in Yogyakarta, Parangtritis Beach is situated near other beaches like Parangkusumo Beach, Parangendog Beach, and Depok Beach. Aside from playing at the water, people can also tour round the shore employing a bendi (horse-drawn carriage) or all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

  1. Ngobaran Beach

Ngobaran Beach is a beach with abundant cultural charms. Here, while appreciating the interesting shore, you may even watch for yourself just how different religions and cultures may develop and dwell side by side in harmony. Among these evidence is that the various worship spots built from one to the next.

  1. Glagah Beach

Glagah Beach provides you with an entire package of shore excursion, from the attractive lagoon, biking, and motocross, to shore agrotourism. Even better, there’s also dragonfruit agrotourism across the coast, in addition to canoes and boats you can let to sail on the lagoon. Die-hard lovers of fishing and fishing motocross may also meet their passions around the region. Ensure that you don’t overlook the gorgeous waves crashing from the tide breaker along with sunset as the foundation.

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