18 Pet Business Ideas for Animal Lovers

Are you searching for a small business prospect that combines your love for pets? This is the right time to set up shop as the pet industry is growing fast. Pet parents care immensely about the health and well-being of their animal babies and are willing to spend money for it.

Consider any of these 18 pet business ideas that appeal to your heart.

  1. Pet Day Care

This is similar to a child daycare service. Pet parents who work long hours often feel guilty for leaving their dog or cat at home alone for long periods. A pet daycare service provides stimulating activities, walks, nutritious meals, and human interaction. Pet parents would drop off their pet babies in the morning and pick them up after work.

To make this business idea work, you will require a building or land (purchase or rent) and equipment.

  1. Dog Walker

This pet business idea is quite enjoyable because you get to do something that dogs truly love-walking. This is an essential activity for dogs because it keeps them active, healthy, and fit. Best of all, you don’t need any equipment or space to run this business.

  1. Pet Sitter

If you like interacting with all kinds of animals, then this business idea is for you. Being a pet sitter is a fun way to run a business. You have the option of refining your services. For example, you may specialize in sitting for only cats or dogs. You can also create a niche for extensive care or sick pets.

  1. Pet Insurance

Pet parents care a lot about their fur babies and are eager to protect them from all kinds of events such as accidents, sickness, etc. You will need to obtain business insurance and an insurance license to offer this service.

  1. Dog Training

Many dog owners do not have the time and training to teach appropriate behaviours to their pets. This is where your dog training service can help. No office space is needed with this business idea—only a few tools and dog training certifications to prove your credibility. Your services can be offered to individual pet owners or groups.

  1. Social Media Personality

This business idea combines stellar social media skills with a pet’s inner monologue. It is a creative and unique venture because the platforms are written from the perspective of an animal. As you gather many followers, you may monetize your account via ads, PPCs, and sponsored content.

  1. Animal Expert Turned Blogger

Fuse your expertise about animals with your writing talents and start blogging. You can run this business from anywhere. As you post great content, you will gain followers, eventually becoming an affiliate marketer. You will earn money with product endorsements and by providing readers with links to make purchases. If a purchase is made, you get a small percentage of the purchase. Sponsored content ads are other ways to monetize the blog.

  1. Virtual Pet Expert

Are you knowledgeable about pet training, health, food, maintenance, and other areas of animal care? If so, you can start a virtual pet expert platform. You can launch this business idea on a podcast or a YouTube channel.

  1. Pet Photographer

Pets are more than cute and cuddly creatures. They are family members. Many people like to document family moments with pet photo shoots. This business idea combines your talent for photography with a love for pets. But before starting any business, ensure you are protected with business insurance coverage.

  1. Travel Agent for Pets

As a travel agent for fur babies, you will help pet parents and their pets have a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. You will be the go-to expert when it comes to international travel documentation, border crossing rules, pet-friendly accommodations, and even travel items. You should also have information about pet travel insurance.

  1. Pet Café

Sip on a cup of tea or coffee and snuggle up with a Golden Retriever or Persian cat at the same time. This is the unique selling point of owning and operating a pet café. You can even work with a local pet adoption society to get dogs and cats adopted.

  1. Pet Transportation

Like a cab, pet transportation offers safe and comfortable travels for dogs, cats, and other domesticated pets. All you need is a reliable vehicle and pet crates in various sizes.

  1. Pet Couture

Many dog and cat owners love to dress their pets in various fashionable gear. Some popular items include vests, bibs, collars, ties, and hats. You can design and manufacture these items yourself or be a distributor for someone else.

  1. Pet Massage Therapist

Although pet massage is not a basic need, it is a service that pet parents are looking for to promote their pets’ health and longevity. Pet massage is a niche market, but it is overgrowing. The massage often includes hydrotherapy and acupuncture. You will need specialized training and liability insurance coverage to offer these services.

  1. Pet Supply Store

Like people, pets need supplies. Although large franchises dominate this type of business, you can still start your pet supply shop and incorporate it with other pet services like grooming or spa.

  1. Aquarium Maintenance & Product Sales

Cleaning and maintaining an aquarium requires lots of time which many pet parents do not have. There is always a requirement for this service. You can sell associated products with your business, such as decorative items, food, colours, other fish, etc.

  1. Pet Funeral Services

When a pet passes away, it leaves family members devastated. Pet funeral services enable them to say their goodbyes. It offers closure. Your funeral services can provide burial or cremation, along with memorial services, virtual services, etc.

  1. Pet Treats

Fresh baked goods are great for pets. If you love baking, then this business idea might suit your skills. You can operate a bakery from your home or out of a store. Customers can place orders online, through social media channels, or call you directly.


There are several ways to combine your love for pets with entrepreneurship. The ideas in this blog require little to no start-up costs, making them perfect for new business owners. Decide what pet need or problem you would like to solve and launch your idea.

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