3 Amenities Every Apartment Building Should Have

 3 Amenities Every Apartment Building Should Have

Renting an apartment in a historic building around Maryland or Washington, D.C., can be an incredible experience, but you should put some thought into the type of place you want to live in. For starters, no two apartment buildings are the same. In some, you can find every modern amenity you can think of while in others, there are very few.

While scanning any potential building for general upkeep, elevator maintenance DC, living conditions and environment, you should also keep your eyes open for whatever amenities are available. If you need some ideas, consider this list. 

  1. Swimming Pool

In the summertime when it is hot outside, nothing compares to taking a book down to the pool and beating the heat while relaxing at your own residence. If you find an apartment building that offers a swimming pool for a reasonable price, think about all of the poolside reading you can do in summer. Be sure to ask about the guest policy. Most apartments have a limit on how many people can join you.

  1. Fitness Center

Another top apartment building amenity to look out for is a fitness center. Are you looking for an easy way to get in shape? While many people might not consider it, there is significant cost savings potential with this amenity when you add up the cost of a monthly gym membership. Plus, having a fitness center in your own building is extremely convenient. 

  1. Community Garden

If you have a green thumb, finding an apartment building that offers a community garden can also be a major win. Depending on where you live, a community garden can offer the potential of anywhere from 6 to 12 months of growing season activity. It can also be a great way to meet your neighbors. 

When looking for the perfect apartment building, consider the amenities. Make sure they match whatever is most important to you. 

Chris Jorioso

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