3 Gemstones and What They Are Believed to Do

 3 Gemstones and What They Are Believed to Do

Throughout history, we’ve looked to gemstones for many different purposes. They make incredibly beautiful jewellery and stand out when inset into clothing or finely crafted pottery and other items, but they are also said to have healing and other more spiritual properties, with positive effects if you keep them close or in the home. Here are a few of these gemstones that some people believe can have incredibly positive effects on their owners.  

The Gem of Love

Contrary to what was likely your first reaction, the gem that traditionally symbolises love isn’t a diamond, it’s a semi-precious stone called the pink rose quartz. It’s believed that it can open the heart to the possibilities of love and attract the energies of romance into your life. It’s also said that wearers of jewellery containing pink rose quartz are more receptive to the possibility of feeling romantic feelings and more receptive to the idea of love. Those are quite big shoes for a gem to fill! If you’re looking for love, perhaps it’s time to contact a jeweller that specialises in bespoke jewellery like Chapter 79 and get some pink rose quartz!

The Gem of Luck

It won’t come as a surprise that the gem that is said to be a symbol of good luck is an incredible gold colour. Wearers of jewellery containing citrine are said to be particularly lucky. The gem is associated with good health, positive energy, and generally good luck and has been for centuries. If you’re a shopkeeper or salesman, you might want to add citrine somewhere on your person because it’s also been known as the lucky merchant stone, thanks to its reported ability to bring prosperity and wealth to its wearer.

The Gem of Healing

Possibly the broadest of all the categories that are said to be influenced by the presence of gemstones is that of healing. Throughout history, you can find reports of human beings attributing miraculous recoveries from disease and injury to the healing power of a gemstone, with different gems being responsible for different areas of the body. Aquamarine, for example, is adept at helping calm the nerves and promoting good liver and stomach health, as well as keeping your teeth strong and free of cavities. Amber takes credit for sharp wit and good memory, as well as for keeping headaches at bay. 

Above all other gemstones said to possess healing properties is the amethyst. This beautiful purple quartz stone can help heal almost any ailment, whether you have trouble sleeping or ease the pain caused by arthritis or other medical conditions. This belief goes back as far as Greek and Roman times, when it was believed that it had the power to negate the effects of a particularly raucous night filled with tankards of ales and wines.

Gemstones are quite remarkable, from their formation over centuries to their appearance and colouration. It’s no wonder we’ve become so enamoured and fascinated by these most incredible stones and put so much belief in their influence and effects on us.

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