3 Kinds of Television Satellite Dishes

 3 Kinds of Television Satellite Dishes

In the modern age, there are many forms of viewing entertainment available. Online streaming services have especially risen in popularity due to their convenience, affordability and vast selections. However, traditional television from cable and satellite providers is not doomed yet. Satellite television involves the use of a satellite dish to receive audio and visual signals through radio waves from a satellite in space. There are different kinds of satellite dishes available for satellite dish installation Columbus, though some services may not allow you to choose. Here are three of the most commonly used ones.

  1. Motor-driven

Motor-driven dishes are round and set on a pole on which they rotate. The rotation is powered by a servo or motor. Their biggest benefit is that they can be moved in place to face any direction so they can receive the best signal.

  1. Multi-satellite

These are capable of receiving signals from different satellite positions at the same time. Unlike motor-driven satellite dishes, multi-satellite dishes do not need to be moved to do this. This is done through the addition of an extra low-noise block downconverter, or LNB, which collects and converts radio waves from the dish and sends them to a television receiver. There are also other kinds of LNBs that may be used to achieve the same result.

  1. Very Small Aperture Terminal

very small aperture terminal, or VSAT, is a popular type of dish. It allows two-way satellite internet communications. It consists of an nmo antenna, a modem/router and a transceiver. The VSAT dishes used for TV usually only work in one direction though, unlike others which actually send signals back to the satellite.

Satellite television is still a popular choice, even if the advent of streaming has caused some decline. It has the advantages of high quality and many channel options.

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