3 Machine Vision Capabilities in Manufacturing

 3 Machine Vision Capabilities in Manufacturing

Machine vision is a technology that combines cameras with software and other hardware to make an integrated system. Here, you will learn about machine vision and three applications in manufacturing, including product inspection, predictive maintenance, and barcode scanning.

Machine Vision

Turnkey machine vision integration provides a complete system solution that may fit into your current technology. You may use algorithms and sample data to train your machine vision system. Once in operation and a camera makes a detection, an image is taken. The image is then evaluated, and objects are classified and detected. Then, pertinent information is compared to pre-defined criteria. The system then identifies, processes, decides on a course of action, and takes appropriate measures. The system may learn and refine its decisions through machine learning, increasing accuracy.

  1. Product Inspection

You may use machine vision technology for inspecting your products’ quality. Machine vision technology may be more accurate and faster at identifying defective products than human inspectors, as decisions and actions improve through machine learning.

  1. Predictive Maintenance

You may use machine vision to monitor, diagnose, and maintain your systems. Here, sensors may gather monitoring data, process the data in real-time through algorithms, and proactively alert an administrator of impending problems ahead of breakdowns.

  1. Barcode scanning

Machine vision may automate your inventory management through barcode scanning. You may readily track your in-stock items, quantities, and item locations, plus know which and where items are out of stock and need replenishing. You may also combine autonomous robots with machine vision to read barcodes, perform sorting, and adhere to your planograms.

Machine vision technology may be a cost-effective solution to increase speed and accuracy in defective product detection at your workplace. Machine vision may help you maintain your systems better through predictive maintenance, resulting in higher productivity. The technology may also help your inventory logistics management.

Chris Jorioso

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