3 Reasons To Fence Your Property

To fence, or not to fence: That is the question. A variety of fencing options offer vast benefits. Whether you are looking to add an aesthetic aspect to your home or to ramp up safety and security, you’ll be pleased with the benefits a fenced property offers.

1. Increase Security

Security and peace of mind are something everyone desires, especially at home. A wooden fence Lake County IL provides that for you. Security fences often stand at least 8 feet tall. Features such as flush boards and a trellis on top can make scaling the fence more difficult. Locking gate doors add another layer of reassurance.

Aside from keeping your family and your possessions safe, you may benefit from lowered homeowner’s insurance premiums from your provider as well. Be sure to check with your provider for any requirements. If you have a pool or hot tub, consider placing a barrier around the water for your children’s safety.

2. Maintain Privacy

Standard wooden fences are 6 feet tall, improving privacy. Wooden fences cannot be seen through like chain link fences can be, making them an excellent choice for individuals desiring a more private property.

3. Keep Pets and Children In

Pets can roam the backyard freely without the worry of escape thanks to wooden fences. A new level of convenience comes when you can just open your backdoor to let your animals out instead of having to wrestle on a harness and leash. Children can also play safely within the perimeter without risk of them darting into a nearby street.

There are many types of fences, each with its own pros and cons. Wood, chain link, vinyl are the three most common materials. However, some homeowner’s associations may have guidelines on height and material. Decide which features are most important to you, choose a fence that meets those needs, and select a reputable local company to install the fence. You’ll be glad you did!

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