3 Reasons Why Colombian Coffee Is So Good

Colombia is a country famous for many things. It has one of the best tropical climates in the world and attracts many tourists worldwide. It has some of the best beaches and amazing culture that travelers and visitors to the country enjoy. 

Colombian cuisine, culture, rich heritage and traditions is something that attracts people from near and far. In this list of attractions, perhaps one of the most notable is Colombian coffee. Colombian Coffee is a type of Arabica Coffee bean that grows in the Colombian Terrain and is cultivated precisely and meticulously. 

It is roasted and brewed to golden perfection, which gives it one of the best luxurious-tasting coffee in the world. Colombian coffee is loved and adored by coffee lovers worldwide and purchased as coffee beans by those who would love to recreate this scintillating experience in their homes. 

Features of Colombian Coffee

Colombian coffee is, in essence, Arabica coffee. Arabica coffee beans are one of the two predominant types of coffee beans that are grown and cultivated all over the world. Arabica coffee beans are different in quality and taste compared to Robusta coffee beans, the other coffee bean type. 

Arabica coffee beans are picked by coffee planters and are roasted especially in a unique manner that gives them a light and airy feel. Colombian coffee beans are slightly different from traditional arabica coffee beans as it contains a slightly citrusy flavor which is unique to this coffee bean. 

The acidity in Colombian coffee is one of the primary reasons why Colombian coffee is so good when compared to the other varieties. Another reason why Colombian coffee is so much more amazing than the others is because of its sweet aftertaste. 

Unlike its counterpart Robusta Coffee, Arabica is known for a slightly sweet-tasting coffee blend, which a major portion of coffee lovers enjoy. Extremely bitter coffee, however rich it may be, is not suited to everyone’s taste. 

Colombian coffee, with its light, golden, mildly sweet taste and citrusy note, makes the coffee experience rare and luxurious compared to the other options. Last but not least, the third reason why one must try Colombian Coffee is for its rich medium body. 

Unlike Robusta Coffee, the coffee blends into a light, airy, golden, medium body coffee, whereas Robusta coffee often is bold and full body with a slight bitterness to it. 

The medium body coffee is not only great as Espresso but is more suited for creamier coffees such as Cappuccinos, Lattes, Mocha and even Cold Coffee with full cream or ice cream. The light yet aromatic coffee blend from Colombian coffee is unique to this variety and is loved by coffee lovers worldwide. 

Make Colombian Coffee at Home

Thanks to the Internet and e-commerce, coffee lovers can now enjoy a rich, luxurious, golden and sweet blend of Colombian coffee right at home. 

Colombia exports coffee and is available to buy from various coffee bean outlets online and in retail stores. All one needs to do is find an authentic and original Colombian coffee bean seller, and voila! Make rich, world-famous Colombian coffee at home in minutes. 

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