3 Situations in Which Mask Face Fit Testing is Essential

 3 Situations in Which Mask Face Fit Testing is Essential

Surgical or medical masks, while usually worn in hospitals and medical facilities, are now considered commonplace. Many people wear these for various reasons, including the prevention of the spread of diseases. A qualitative fit test is usually used to ensure the effectiveness of surgical half-face protectors.

While medical masks are common, there are other kinds that are used in specific situations. These conditions require respiratory productive equipment (RPE) that is suited to protect the wearer in a more specialized manner. Of course, you also need to perform tests to avoid leaks and contamination. Wondering what these situations are? Check them out below:

When should you conduct a respirator fit test?

Work-related conditions

In many cases, individuals are required to wear respirators because it is necessary for their jobs. Those who work in construction, safety inspection and toxic environments need these gears to protect themselves. However, these do not fall under the one-size-fits-all category. 

To make sure that the equipment works as intended, a mask test is necessary. Usually, a combination of qualitative and quantitative testing is needed. This way, they work assured that particulate matter or toxic fumes would not be able to penetrate their gear. 

Outbreak of airborne diseases

In light of the recent outbreak, there is mounting concern that medical professionals are exposed to viruses that can damage their health. According to the Australian Government Department of Health, COVID-19 is transmitted through contact with infected persons and contact with droplets from such people. Masks with particulate filters such as P1, P2 and P3 filters are required for solid or liquid particles. 

For many people, a surgical mask assessed using a qualitative test is enough. However, for those who work in the frontline of the outbreak might need other types of masks that are equipped with the highest level of particulate filter, which is P3. 

Low oxygen-levels

Individuals who work or stay in confined spaces may suffer from low levels of oxygen in the place. Because of this, they may require air-supplied respirators to ensure that they get enough clean air. When using these types of equipment, it is necessary to conduct a test to prevent precious clean air from escaping. This way, wearers can efficiently get the air they need while preventing it from going to waste.

In these conditions, it is important to wear the right respiratory protective equipment combined with sufficient respirator fit testing Brisbane. This way, you can keep yourself safe from harm, ensuring the safe and healthy performance of your work and everyday living. 

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