3 Things To Consider When Opening a Bar

If you have a passion for serving customers and making great drinks, opening a brewery, pub or bar can be a great business option. However, gaining clientele and keeping current on all of the rules and regulations of the alcohol industry can be very difficult, costly and time-consuming. Here are three things to consider when opening a bar.

  1. Obtaining Certain Licenses

Bars need several special permits in order to serve food, host bands and provide alcohol to their clients. Failing to have the proper licenses can get you in legal trouble and even cause the facility to be shut down. Make sure that you have the proper tabc permit or equivalent licensure in your state. Keep track of how often you need to renew these permits and don’t allow them to expire.

  1. Location Matters

Knowing the kind of customers that will be attracted to your venue speaks to where might be best to open your new pub or bar. For example, if you want to focus on serving cheaper beer and mixed drinks and plan on having late-night bands and DJs, opening near a college or university might be a good choice. If you plan on being more upscale, opening in a downtown area and catering to professionals who stop by after work would be more ideal. Also take into account any zoning restrictions, nearby competition and rent and utility costs.

  1. Designing the Interior

People tend to go to bars and pubs to hang out and socialize for an hour or two, so having a welcoming and attractive atmosphere is important. It is wise to have some sort of theme as this makes decorating easier, whether the theme is that of an Irish pub or a sports bar with large televisions.

Consider these three things if you are considering opening a bar.

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