3 things you should not do if you’re going to the hair salon

 3 things you should not do if you’re going to the hair salon

Are you thinking about updating your current hair color or cut? Winter is a great time to try that darker color you’ve been eying or that fresh new style you’ve noticed other women are trying. Not only will there be endless holiday parties to show off your new look, but you’ll have new year’s around the corner to celebrate the new you with.

Before scheduling your next salon appointment there are three things you should take into consideration.

Will you need to come from work?

If you’re planning to go to the salon right after a long day at work, it’s important you prepare your hair in advance. Lay off the products for that day, especially if you get a dry cut and not a wash beforehand.

Products are great for styling your hair but when the stylist says color sticks better to ‘dirty’ hair they aren’t talking about layering an abundance of hair spray, thermal spray, texturizer, and other products to get that ‘dirty’ look. Instead, they simply mean it’s ok to not shower your hair the same day.

Do you have visuals you like?

Remember to always bring visuals to show your stylist. It’s one thing to explain what you want and interpret it but it’s another to actually show a photo and use that photo to explain what you love or don’t love.

Also, while you may have a visual in mind, keep in mind your natural hair texture and color. Photos are photos. They can be photo shopped, altered and lightened to get the desired look they want even if it’s not the actual look of the original person in the image.

Just because the model has a nice honey brown color does not mean your hair will be the exact color you see when it’s done.

If it’s greasy – wash it!

Regardless if you’re planning to get a color or a cut, it’s important that your hair is not to the ‘greasy’ stage or your look may come out different from what you anticipated.

Remember, color appointments will not get washes before the color is applied and often people who come in for a ‘style’ will also not get a wash unless requested. So, if you think your hair looks ‘greasy’ don’t grab the dry shampoo, instead, wash it before heading to your hair salon

Teresa Martinez

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