3 Tips for Visting the Northeastern United States

 3 Tips for Visting the Northeastern United States

From New York to Maine, the Northeast is a region full of colors, scents and tastes that are enough to engage even the most apathetic of people. If you are looking for ideas on where to visit for your next vacation, you should consider this area. Here are a few pieces of advice to get you started.

  1. See New York Outside the City

Sure, the rich skyscrapers, world-class art and dining options galore of New York City can be quite alluring. However, the rest of the state has so much to offer. New York is very underrated when it comes to nature. Folks from all around the world dismiss the fact that the Empire State possesses majestic mountains, stunning lakes and dense forests. You can take river cruises Peekskill NY to catch a glimpse of these natural wonders. For other bodies of water, there are the Finger Lakes, Lake Champlain and Lake Ontario where Niagara Falls is headquartered. Round out the trip by doing some hiking in the Adirondacks.

  1. Avoid Being a Leaf Peeper

Many people visit New England in the fall when the leaves change color, but there is so much more to the area than that. If you go outside the peak vacation season, you can save a lot of money and hassle. If you go in winter, you can take advantage of the slopes of the mountains and go snowboarding or skiing. In summer, the bountiful lakes such as Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire will be calling your name.

  1. Seek Out the Atlantic Ocean

The Hamptons. Martha’s Vineyard. Cape Cod. All of these are fixtures of the Atlantic Ocean vacation experience. New England is known for its seafood, especially lobster, so you will definitely want to try that. Maine has underrated coastal towns where you can eat lobster rolls inexpensively. Acadia National Park is also located in Maine. Finally, whale watching is a popular activity off the coast of Massachusetts.

These are just a few ways to enjoy the northeastern part of the United States. You will want to uncover some treasures of your own.


Clare Louise

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