3 Uses for Ribbon Blenders

 3 Uses for Ribbon Blenders

One of the most cost-effective and widely used pieces of blending equipment is the ribbon blender, which is capable of efficiently mixing dry solids and even some pastes. There are several ways a ribbon blender can be used, and they come in all different sizes for different applications. 

Learn about three different ways that ribbon blenders can be used in various industries below. 

1. Mixing Animal Feed

Professional farmers and animal hobbyists alike tend to need large volumes of animal feed to nourish the animals they raise as their livelihood or for fun. Ribbon blenders are excellent at distributing different components of animal feed, whether it’s corn, seeds, hay, or anything else, quickly and efficiently. 

Ribbon blenders can create animal feed for livestock, like cows and pigs, or they can mix a blend of birdseed for birdhouses, as well as regular household pet food. 

2. Blending Ingredients in Pharmaceuticals

Many pharmaceuticals, whether prescription or over-the-counter, are comprised of a few or several ingredients blended together and pressed into a tablet or put into a capsule. Ribbon blenders can combine these ingredients quickly without exposing them to heat that would change their properties and how they react in the body. 

3. Integrating Baking Mixes

Many professional and home bakers use stand mixers to blend flour, baking soda, sugar, salt, and other dry ingredients when baking, and ribbon mixers can do the same thing for large volumes of powders that need to be combined quickly. Companies that produce baking mixes may benefit from a ribbon blender to create large volumes of the product in a short amount of time. 

These are just a few of the several benefits a ribbon blender can provide in a few different industries. Ribbon blenders are capable of enhancing the efficiency of blending in many types of situations, and they tend to cost less than other similar solutions. 

Clare Louise

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