3 Ways to Build Public Trust

 3 Ways to Build Public Trust

When it comes to government projects, people’s ability to view the details matters. Officials are using taxpayers’ money to fund things including road improvements, land expansion, and more. What steps can you take to earn the confidence of your community? Planning & Public Works Services Software is one way, and there are other key points to keep in mind.

1. Be Transparent

With any use of public funds, it is important to let your city know exactly how the money is being used. Make details of the project readily available. Document all expenses. Consider posting bills to your website so people can see exactly what was paid for and when.

2. Make It Easy

There are so many ways to access information these days. Have data available in multiple formats and in different locations. Host documents online, but also make them simple to review for those that aren’t tech saavy. Keep a copy of plans at your local library, for instance. If you have a major project underway that will impact your population, asses all the communication avenues available to you to spread the information.

3. Be Timely

People like to know things in advance. For instance, if a road will be closed that will have a significant effect on your population, tell them so they can plan accordingly. The extra notice will be appreciated and will go a long way towards maintaining a good reputation as a public agency. Use message boards along the route, send an email blast, and inform the local media so they can help you get the word out.

Good communication is essential to keeping a community running smoothly. It will improve your residents’ quality of life and build your relationship with them for when it really counts. Don’t miss an opportunity to be seen as a partner.

Gill Daniel

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