3 Ways To Keep Your Plastic Food Container Looking New And To Clean Properly 

 3 Ways To Keep Your Plastic Food Container Looking New And To Clean Properly 

When it comes to your kitchen and if you have a love for food and love to cook, clear plastic food container ( กล่อง พลาสติก ใส ใส่ อาหาร, which is the term in Thai) must be an integral part of your kitchen. They are inexpensive, helps a great deal in storing food whether raw or cooked which could be consumed later just by heating it. They come in so many sizes and most of them are microwave or dishwasher safe. 

Whether trying to store curry, rice, chili, stew, food remains fresh in an airtight container. But removing the stains at the end could be a bummer. And, when it is time to scrub it, it could be tough and sometimes stains are so hard to remove. And, though soap and hot water might be enough for others, not for your plastic container. And, here are ways by which you could remove the aroma as well as the stain from your plastic containers no matter what you keep in them.

Using Vinegar 

Take your plastic container and removing the lid, clean any remaining food or crumb there might be. Go for a preliminary rinse with hot water and then you could clean it with a paper towel if necessary. Then use pure distilled white vinegar and pour it into the container. 

Vinegar is not strong that it needs to be cut with water but strong enough that it acts as a good disinfectant and cleaner. Let it soak for almost 30 minutes. Later scrub the container to remove any stains. 

Using Baking Soda

The first step would be making a paste out of baking soda and water (warm water). Baking soda plays a great role in removing the stains and also helps in removing the odor. Spread the paste all over your clear plastic food container and then let it sit overnight. Then scrub a bit and rinse it with the help of some hot water and then dry them properly. 

Use Chlorine Bleach

Mix a little amount of chlorine and warm water. Pour it into the container you want to clean and let the container be like that for at least 2 hours. Make sure that you are washing away the container thoroughly and if you want for the last step you could use a little bit of dish soap to clean it with hot water. 

Therefore, these are the 3 most common ways by which you could easily clean your plastic container which would otherwise have been difficult with just dish soap and water. 

Dom Charlie

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