4 Ballet Dancers That May Inspire You To Take Ballet Class In Singapore

Dance fitness classes in Singapore are getting in demand nowadays. It’s the latest trend for citizens to stay fit, have fun, and meet new friends, all at the same time. One of the fitness classes available in the country is ballet dance class. Ballet is a graceful kind of dance that deals with balance, flexibility, and leg improvement.

If you’re looking for signs to take a ballet class in Singapore, you have it! Here are four well-known ballerinas that may inspire you to learn ballet.


Did you know that Russians named a cake after Anna Pavlova because of her fame? In 1905, she became a prima ballerina in her breakthrough performance which was the ensemble The Dying Swan. It became her signature role, which she performed on her America tour.


Yup, men can take a ballet class in Singapore, too! Carlos Acosta started taking ballet classes at the age of 21, where he performed the lead role in The Nutcracker. Like Carlos, taking ballet beginner classes for adults is never too late.


Did you know that both parents of Galina Ulanova used to be ballet dancers? Galina’s father, later on, became a director while her mom taught ballet classes. Galina learned ballet dance through her mum. She was then recognised as one of the greatest ballerinas worldwide in the 20th century.


Taking a ballet class in Singapore is for any age. At 14, Alicia Markova began performing lead roles in ensembles. In 1935, she was the first English to dance the full-length version of Swan Lake. After retiring, she initiated the Markova-Dolin Ballet.

You can find a ballet studio in Singapore everywhere. You can even search all available and open studios on the internet. What other signs do you need to take ballet classes? Learning ballet can pose many advantages to your life and career, just like these ballet dancers.

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