4 Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom  

 4 Bathroom Mirror Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom  

You’ll make many choices when redesigning your bathroom, and perhaps the most important is what you decide to do with your bathroom’s mirror. Your choice is an important one, so you’re wise to be searching for the best bathroom mirror ideas.

There are many more design choices available than you might realize. For most of us, transforming a bathroom is as simple as equipping a mirror with a new frame. Here are a few ideas that you might incorporate in your bathroom’s design.

Framed Mirrors Make Your Bathroom Mirror Pop

The right frame can really feature your bathroom’s mirror. You might go with a wooden frame if you also have wooden drawers, or you could choose a thicker, metal frame if your goal is a sleeker look. Frames are a must for most bathroom mirrors, and they can be combined with any of the following ideas.

Double Mirrors for Dual Sinks

Matching mirrors can really make a bathroom stand out, but they’re simply not an option for most people. If you have two sinks in your bathroom, then you should take advantage of that opportunity by installing double mirrors in your bathroom and equipping them with matching frames.

Backlight Your Mirrors for a Modern Look

Backlit bathroom mirrors offer several benefits. First, they look amazing. Second, they can give you a soft night light. Third, backlit mirrors make you look good. Seriously. There’s a reason that makeup mirrors are equipped with soft light around their borders.

Keep Your Medicine Cabinet Mirror and Enjoy the Extra Storage Space

We’re all familiar with the practical use of a medicine cabinet. Whether you’re short on space or just prefer their convenience, medicine cabinets are a great asset for your bathroom. If you currently have one, and you’ve felt limited by the design choices it allows, don’t give up hope. Placing a frame around your medicine cabinet is the perfect way to spice up your bathroom without sacrificing its benefits.

If you’re not sure where to start your bathroom renovation, start by looking at bathroom mirror frames. This one simple addition might be spare you the cost of completely overhauling your bathroom. You have plenty of options available, so be sure to consider them all until you find the look that you’re after.

To begin your search, check out a few of these bathroom mirror ideas from Mirror Mate. You can dramatically improve your bathroom’s look without installing a new mirror. Simply grab a few measurements, order your new mirror frame, install it yourself and enjoy your newly transformed bathroom.

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