4 Eyebrow Treatments For The Beautiful Person

Getting the best eyebrow embroidery in Singapore is a life-changing experience. Gone are the days when you would scramble for random make-up products that you have not even tried. You also minimise the challenges of finding the right shape that suits your face shape.

If you are currently exploring cosmetic procedures and treatments, read this article. Here is the only list you will ever need.


The universal brow treatment almost all beauty salons offer. You – or a trusted beautician – only need a small pair of tweezers for the job. Then you control everything by choosing what to do with your brows. Excess hair loss is also not an issue because you only pluck a few hairs at once. While tweezing may have the same effects as eyebrow microblading in Singapore, it does not mean one is better than the other.


The selling point of brow waxing is the price and ease of use (if you know how to tinker with DIY kits). All you need is a sufficient amount of wax and the correct hand position. Then you can kiss unwanted hairs goodbye. However, unlike the lasting effects of eyebrow embroidery in Singapore, waxing is short-term. Visit an aesthetician regularly to keep the hair from growing.


It is the latest and most advanced cosmetic treatment. For starters, it is a form of eyebrow tattooing. The aesthetician uses small blades and lasting pigments to fill some gaps. It helps you achieve a fuller and more natural look. Note that you still need to retouch because eyebrow microblading is not permanent – the pigment may fade.


Brow embroidery in Singapore is almost the same as microblading – the tools, style, and techniques. However, the difference would be the look of the brows. Getting embroidery helps you achieve a misty look instead of a natural feel.

When getting beauty treatments, brow and lip embroidery in Singapore are the way to go. Contact Lebellbrow Studio to book an appointment. 

Gill Daniel

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