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4 Off-Beat Places Around Kochi


Have you booked your Chennai to Kochi flights already? Planned the entire trip and ready to go? Hold on; we have brought four off-beat places around Kochi that you shouldn’t miss. Add these beautiful places to your list. This is guaranteed that you will miss these places on getting back to Chennai while being on the Kochi to Chennai flight

Let’s begin with the four awesome off-beat places you must visit in and around Kochi. 

The Indo-Portuguese Museum is a synthesis of Indian and Portuguese culture and architecture. Joseph Urethra is the town’s former Bishop who built it in the Fort Kochi area. Furniture Altar, Treasure, Procession, Civil Life, and Cathedral are the five wings of the museum. Teak wood from the sixteenth century was used to make the vintage altar. An Indo-Portuguese monstrance is also on display. A chasuble and processional procession from the Santa Cruz Basilica attests to the strong Portuguese influence in Kochi. Since the chasuble, which dates from the nineteenth century, was converted into obtained from the Bishop’shouse, the processional skip is made of silver and wood and dates from the seventeenth century.

PaniyeliPoru is a best-kept secret on the outskirts of Kochi and a lesser-known tourist destination in Paniyeli village where you can spend a memorable vacation. Beautiful rivulets, milky waterfalls, and beautiful streams draw visitors to this breathtaking location. This stunning picnic spot is located nearly 30 kilometres from Kochi. It offers breathtaking views of the Periyar River while winding through dense forest and rocks. The majority of locals frequent this area to unwind and participate in various activities with their families or friends. Each visitor to PaniyeliPoru admires the beauty of rocky river regions and rain forests against the backdrop of the Malayattoor Hills. You’ll feel as if you’re visiting a pristine gift of nature when you visit this awe-inspiring tourist attraction. 

One of Kochi’s hidden gems is an amazing green spot with a diverse range of life. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary is Kochi’s green lung. It is an ecologically sensitive area located in Kochi’s center behind the Kerala High Court building. Mangalavanam’snatural appeal is primarily a bird sanctuary elevated by the Arab Sea. This provides a panoramic ambiance. Six mammalian species can be found in the lush dreamland, including a painted bat, Indian flying fox, Eurasian otter, house rat, and three-striped palm squirrel. 

Illithode is a charming and picturesque town located about 10 kilometers from Malayattoor and 62 kilometers from Kochi. It is bordered on one side by rolling mountains and the other by the beautiful Periyar River. Although few people are aware of the Illithode, this little-known tourist destination attracts an increasing number of visitors daily. The river that runs through the woods is the main attraction. It will take 15-20 minutes to walk through Mahogany’s dense forest and Teak to reach the river. 

These are the four off-beat places around Kochi that you shouldn’t miss if you’re in Kochi. Make sure you visit them and make the best of the Kochi trip. 


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