4 Popular And Free News Apps In India

 4 Popular And Free News Apps In India

When it comes to accessing news, Indians seek apps that are quick, freely accessible, and curate content that is easy to understand. At the same time, it is difficult to assess apps that provide true and relevant news since there are a plethora of news apps already there in the market. With the increase in technology, customer expectations have also increased, and they tend to get attracted towards apps that are seamlessly innovated and offer them unique features. Based on the most common expectations of a mobile news application and evaluating public opinion, we have set forth a list of the four most popular and free news apps in India for reading local news

So here we go-

  1. In shorts- 

This app is really making rounds on the Internet. The unique feature of Inshorts is that it provides a 60-word comprehensive summary of each news. At the bottom of the screen, you can read the original article. It is easy to navigate, and users can swipe right and left for previous and next news. Another feature of this app is its language-friendly feature which allows readers to read news in both English and Hindi. To get the latest updates, users simply need to activate the notifications from the app.

  1. Dainik Bhaskar-

Dainik Bhaskar is a versatile news app that also provides local news across different domains. The homepage is in the form of a social-media interface where users can like, comment, and share news updates that interest them. The makers also respect user opinion. Users can give feedback on news and app on the app itself. The feed can be filtered according to the preferred subjects of the users.

 3.One News- 

A top-rated app at Play Store and for the right reasons. One news allows you to read 1000+ Indian newspapers in 14+ Indian languages. It won’t take up much of your space since the app size is a mere 2 MB. You can disable image loading for newspapers for fast loading of news. Add your preferred newspapers to “Favourites” to access them easily.

  1. Dailyhunt-

Cricket freaks can install this application to stay updated with scores. It also provides an audio-visual facility to make news more engaging for readers. It is one of the oldest free news apps in India and can be downloaded on Android phones. It provides a networking option wherein users can follow people and interact on their posts. Dailyhunt reaches deep down remote areas to provide Pincode level local news from districts and villages.

 5.Business Insider- 

Business Insider brings top articles on business, finance, and technology. This is a highly recommended and useful app for beginners who wish to brush up on their economics and finance knowledge. It comes with an article sharing feature through which users can share articles that interest them overall social media handles. It also comes with an offline reading mode.

We hope that this list will help you draw out your most preferred news app. They can all be accessed on your tablets/iPADs as well. So, satiate your desire for the latest Indian news by looking them up on your app store. Make sure you go through the reviews and app description before installing. Happy reading!


Clare Louise

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