4 Steps To Becoming a Ham Radio Operator

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Ham radio operators get to communicate with others across the globe. They’re of tremendous value during a power outage or other crisis, by providing crucial communication. It’s a great skill, but there is a learning curve. Here are some steps you have to take to become a ham radio operator.

Join the Club

By joining your local ham radio club you participate in meetings and attend workshops and seminars. It’s a free way to glean a ton of valuable information about becoming a radio operator and the equipment you’ll need.

You can find local chapters by doing a search online or by contacting the National Association for Amateur Radio.

Buy Equipment

You’ll need a transmitter and a powerful antenna that will enable you to both transmit and receive radio signals from other operators.

Directional Couplers and a spectrum analyzer are some of the equipment you’ll use to determine if your antenna is working properly.

Get Licensed

You’ll need to pass a test in order to earn your radio license. The test isn’t easy, but there are online courses available that can help you succeed in your desired goal.

Don’t Wait

People tend to put things off because the fear of failure terrifies them. Don’t be one of them. See it as a journey where you’ll learn new skills along the way. Stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way for you to gain confidence and grow as an individual.

All the training involved in becoming a ham radio operator, as well as the challenges you face getting your ham radio license can be daunting, but the rewards are even greater. Not only can you help others, but you’re developing a valuable skill that you could spin into a career. Take these steps, and you’ll be a ham radio operator in no time.

Chris Jorioso

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