4 Tips for Throwing a Winter Garden Party

 4 Tips for Throwing a Winter Garden Party

Christmas is just around the corner again, which means it’s time to start thinking about arranging a festive party. There are countless settings you can choose from for your party including hitting the town, going for a meal, or dressing up your living room like Santa’s grotto. However, you likely haven’t considered throwing a garden party this winter. Hosting a festive garden party will take more thought than throwing a BBQ and table outside – it will be cold and dark. To find out how to throw an incredible winter garden party this Christmas, continue reading below. 

Keep Warm and Cosy

When throwing a winter garden party, warmth and comfort are one of your main priorities. Therefore, you should drag out the blankets and let guests know they’re more than welcome to get wrapped up. Further, if you’ve got a dedicated seating area, you can invest in a heat lamp to keep people chatting away all night. When your guests are too cold, make sure you have an indoor room available for them to retreat. 

As well as setting up your garden correctly, you can set a strict dress code of warm and comfy clothes only. Think baggy jumpers, woollen bodywarmers, hats, scarves, and quality boots – you can shop a full range over at burrowsandhare.co.uk.

Get a Fire Pit

Crackling fires are a constant theme at Christmas, so why not dig out the pit and get the fire roaring? Your fire pit will be the focal point of the evening and people will gather around it for warmth. If you don’t have a fire pit, you can make your own using bricks and cement. You can add an extra layer to your fire pit by involving your guests – lay a stack of logs next to it so that anyone can keep the party going. 

The nature of fire means that accidents can happen if you’re not being careful. Therefore, you should make sure the surrounding area is well-lit and you’ve got plenty of water buckets and sand on hand to control any spreading. 

Light It Up

Unless you want your guests tripping over and causing a fire-related disaster, you must light up your garden. There are countless different types of light to consider including fairy lights that you can wrap around trees. Alternatively, you can create a cosy vibe by laying candles around the garden – just make sure you shelter them from the elements. 

Warming Beverages

Winter garden parties call for warming tipples including mulled wine and cider, cocktails, and hot beverages, which are always a popular hit. Alternatively, alcoholic hot chocolates are a fantastic choice. For the non-drinkers, you can grab a bunch of festive syrup flavours including cinnamon and gingerbread. As well as long drinks, whiskey is a great option for keeping warm and will keep your “classy” guests onside. 

Gardens aren’t typically considered for Christmas parties, but there’s something magical about being outside and having to keep cosy under a winter night’s sky. Keeping your guests warm, lighting up your garden, and providing winter beverages are your main focus.  

Dom Charlie

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