4 Types of Background Checks For Modern Businesses

 4 Types of Background Checks For Modern Businesses

With technology moving faster than even the optimists could imagine, companies are seeing plenty of new hires. With this onset of technology has come the social media era. This new era requires a different kind of background check than previously done. Social media does have a large impact on hiring an idividual. Companies that work in the field of technology will likely need even more specialized checks on prospective employees, especially if they are from another country. Here are four types of checks that are important in today’s computer-minded world.

  1. International Search In Foreign Agencies

Companies that require personnel of much higher capabilities, such as doctors, engineers and research scientists, sometimes seek talented individuals from other countries. Not all of these countries have agencies that keep accurate and up-to-date information about the history of these individuals. In some cases, the data that is available can’t be trusted. A company with some experience fielding individuals from other countries and checking their backgrounds is worth paying to consult with. Cutting through the noise to determine if a person is a safe hire or not can be worth quite a bit.

  1. Verifications and Licensing Investigations

If a prospective employee’s resume lists a certain license as a qualification, it would be ideal to check this licensing in a database to make sure it’s true and up-to-date. It’s important to do some employee background screening for businesses that require their personnel to hold some qualification. Not all licenses are easy to look up, so hiring a company to do the verification legwork could save a lot of time.

  1. Criminal Background Report Viewing

Criminal reports on employees can be had a dime-a-dozen, but not all reports are going to mention all pertinent criminal histories. Some arrests could be removed due to expungement or other diversion programs that prosecutors may have offered an individual. There are higher level businesses that do business with the federal government or state government and they need to know if a person has ever been arrested – even as a juvenile.

  1. Social Media Reputation Digging

Social media has a huge influence these days. If a person has some issue in the realm of social media, companies have a very real obligation to shield themselves from potentially poor publicity. Businesses are allowed to turn down potential hires if they have a poor reputation online or if they have a history of posting confidential business materials online.

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