4 Ways Career Coaching In Singapore Helped Me Flourish

I believe everyone experiences a rough patch at least once throughout their careers. These straits can happen due to various workplace or home factors. Relationships, worldwide happenings, and the current economy can also cause a person to experience job concerns—which may require career coaching in Singapore.

For a few long months, I experienced this unavoidable rough patch that caused me to become less productive and efficient at work. I tried powering through and ignoring my anxieties to remain a crucial company member, but I failed. But after undergoing career coaching and mentoring, I began regaining my drive and passion for fulfilling my work duties while showcasing my abilities.

How I Learned About Career Coaching In Singapore

Admittedly, I did not know what career coaching was until a friend told me about it. She explained that she learned about it after her company urged her to participate in a team coaching program at ANspired, which strengthened her bond with her colleagues and allowed them to become ideal collaborators.

After sharing my work-related concerns with my friend, she convinced me to try signing up for ANspired’s career coaching sessions to see if doing so could help me find answers to my concerns. She said their team counselling programme had improved her workplace relationships and skills, making her believe their coaching appointments would be just as effective.

How Career Coaching Helped Me Grow Professionally

After a few days of careful thinking, I finally gave in to my friend’s recommendation to sign up for career coaching in Singapore. I thought I had nothing to lose from participating in a counselling session that aims to assist professionals like me who are experiencing workplace-related concerns.

Once my initial session was over, I immediately experienced the perks of receiving career coaching and mentoring. I asked myself why I did not participate in such a programme before to make the most of its benefits. Scroll through to learn about the ways career coaching helped me flourish professionally.

1. Career Coaching Helped Me Understand Myself And My Abilities

Although some people do not need a career coaching professional to understand themselves, I needed help from one to learn about my skills and character. Hearing about these traits and abilities allowed me to see where I should focus my energy at work.

2. Career Coaching Allowed Me To Evaluate My Driving Forces

Thanks to ANspired’s career counselling sessions, I learned that I always feel inspired whenever I see women in leadership and development sectors. My coach helped me use them as motivation to work harder and achieve my goals.

3. Career Coaching Let Me Make Realistic Career Goals

Aside from helping me discover myself, my coaching and mentoring sessions helped me rethink and realign my career aspirations. My discussions with my coach allowed me to realise what I want to be within five, ten, and twenty years of working.

4. Career Coaching Lessened My Work-Related Stress

Attending career coaching sessions at ANspired helped me see a clear direction in my professional path, which eased my worries about work. Thanks to my discussions with my coach, I now feel confident in myself and my work abilities.

If you currently face concerns about your job, you should consider signing up for a career coaching programme in Singapore at ANspired. Doing so has helped me become a better individual with clear career goals and a better work mindset. Check out its website to learn more about its expertise in assisting people to become their best professional selves.

Gill Daniel

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