4 Ways to Get to the Airport on a Budget

 4 Ways to Get to the Airport on a Budget

Flying can already be fairly expensive. Adding on extra fees to your trip for parking in the airport garage or on a nearby lot can be expensive, especially if the duration of your trip is longer. You may wonder how you can cut those costs while still getting to the airport in a timely and safe manner. Here are four possibilities for airport transport that don’t dish out a lot of money.

  1. Take a Shuttle

Taking a shuttle can save you the hassle and stress of the drive without worrying about cost. Most airport transport like this is affordable and charged per person per ride. If you’re traveling for an extended amount of time, this may be a great way to keep some money in your pocket.

  1. Carpool

If you know someone else who is going to the airport at the same time as you, why not go together? You can split the driving time and gas and parking costs between whoever is with you. Carpooling can cut down on expenses and be more environmentally friendly.

  1. Take a Bus

Many cities offer public transport between the airport and downtown (or somewhere close to that). You can often find a schedule or timetable for a bus for your departure and when you arrive at your destination. This may be one of the cheaper options, but bus schedules may vary slightly depending on the day, so be sure to add in extra time so you don’t miss your flight.

  1. Take a Train

Some cities provide trains between their airports and downtown. This can be a safe, easy and reliable way to reach your destination at a precise time, especially if you’re not traveling with much baggage.

Consider any of these ways to get to the airport the next time you fly. They can save you money to spend on your trip instead.

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