5 Best High-Performance End Mill Manufacturers

 5 Best High-Performance End Mill Manufacturers

End mills are used for drilling shapes and holes in workpieces during various processes such as profiling, slotting, contouring, drilling, and counter-boring applications. They are designed specifically with cutting teeth on the face and edge of the body and can cut material on the ends as well as the periphery simultaneously, in several directions. Purchasing end mill tools from the right manufacturer is important when it comes to quality and reliability.

The following are some of the best end mill manufacturers in the USA:

1. Tri-State Tool Grinding – Cincinnati, OH

The Tri-State Tool Grinding company is a Nadcap accredited custom manufacturer of carbide end mills. They are skilled in manufacturing end mills, angled and ball end mills, as well as end mills with chamfer and radius. They provide milling, cutting, threading, tapping, lathe work, knurling, facing, turning, assemble, laser marking, designing, brazing, prototyping, reverse engineering, and lean manufacturing services.

Their repertoire also includes small and medium volume production, zirconium nitride, titanium nitride, and amorphous diamond carbon coating. The industries served include dental, food, automotive, marine, medical, military, oil field, optical, pharmaceutical, and transportation meeting ANSI, ASME, ISO, and SAE standards.

2. AFS – Romulus, MI

AFS is a custom manufacturer of shell, insert, ball nose, and indexable end mills. These mills work with brass, bronze alloy, cobalt, carbon, and stainless steel, high-speed steel, ABS, acetal, polyethylene, PVC, PVDF, ceramic, glass, and other such materials. A wide variety of tooling such as threading, grooving, and boring tools are also offered. They serve the automotive, defense energy, marine, and mining industries. The specifications met include ASME, AWS, QS, SAE, and AS standards.

3. Carson’s Nut, Bolt and Tool Company – Multiple locations

This manufacturer is essentially a distributor of industrial tools & supplies. These include precision and power tools, hammers, grease & glue guns, batteries, aerosols, adhesives, grinders, saw blades, and brushes. They also manufacture cutting fluids, lubricants, hoses, inserts, knives, gloves, goggles, gages, nails, fall protection devices, pliers, paints, ladder racks, screwdrivers, and reamers.

4. PenCo Industrial Supply, Inc – Chagrin Falls, OH

This is essentially a woman-owned distributor of carbide end mills that supply high-speed steel and cobalt-based alloy materials. Other items available include reamers, saw blades, tool bits, and thread repair tools, reamers, cutters, burrs, dies, indexable tooling, and so on. The services offered include process improvement, tool sharpening, repair, inventory management, and technical support services.

5. Falcon Tool Company Inc – Traverse City, MI

The Falcon Tool Company is essentially a manufacturer of solid carbide end mills. The specifications 1/32 to 1-inch cut and 1/8 to 1-inch shank size with the available features of square, double, ball ends, right-hand spiral, and straight construction. Their services are suitable for use by mold makers, die, makers, engravers, and die sinkers in tool rooms and production plants.

Suncoast Precision Tools is one of the best end mill manufacturers in the USA. For all your end mill needs be sure to visit their website which covers a wide array of tools. Please visit here for more details: https://www.suncoasttools.com/products/carbide-end-mill-cutting-tools

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