5 Crucial Qualities from Your Wedding Planner or Coordinator

Selecting a wedding planner in Singapore is not just about finding immediate relief from your planning stress. The firm should ensure you and your fiancé are blissful and relaxed during the process. A reputable wedding planning firm will certify everything looks and feels how you want it on your special day. You are going to want to trust this person with your life.

The following are five qualities the wedding planner or coordinator you hire should possess.

#1 Aligned Planning Style to Your Lifestyle

Ask the wedding coordinator in Singapore what their typical hours and availability are. Most clients are full-time employees, hustling Monday through Friday, 9-5. Hence, you will need a wedding planner with a flexible weekend or weeknight schedule. It is best to understand how your schedules and lifestyles realistically fit together. You do not want to put your life on hold whenever you need to talk to your wedding planner.

#2 Transparent Planning Process

Your wedding planner in Singapore should efficiently collaborate and include you along the way. It means excellent communication, easy-to-follow organisation and ways to keep the planning progress transparent. Ask the planners you are interviewing about their planning techniques, software and strategies in place. You do not want any surprises when it comes to wedding planning.

#3 Your Dream Wedding Should Be Their Specialty

Working with an expert firm or individual who knows what you need will make your wedding planning more efficient and uncomplicated. Look for a wedding coordinator around Singapore who specialise in weddings celebrating your specific religion or culture if a traditional, religious wedding is vital to you. You will want a planner or coordinator who offers destination wedding packages if you dream of holding your wedding somewhere scenic. Work with a planner who understands your unique needs and can guide you every step of the way.

#4 Their Rates Make You Comfortable

Look for a wedding planner in Singapore who charges a fixed package price. It will prevent you from receiving a surprise bill based on hourly work or a percentage of your final budget. Ensure your planner charges flat, fixed fees and passes their vendor discounts directly to you. It lets you know your planner hires and provides the best vendors, not just the ones who give them kickbacks.

#5 Establishes Sturdy Communication

It is imperative to establish excellent communication with your wedding planner or coordinator. Ensure to assess your communication compatibility when interviewing a wedding planner or coordinator. Understand how their preferred methods of communication align with yours. It will let you know how their communication methods affect your planning process. Your wedding should be unique and memorable. Hence, your wedding planner must understand your distinct needs.

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Clare Louise

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