5 Different Tile Patterns For Your Next Renovation Project

 5 Different Tile Patterns For Your Next Renovation Project

Tiles are a great choice for flooring because they’re easy to maintain and look stunning. However, there are so many different options, and you will need to choose the perfect design for your project, which is easier said than done. Before you start planning your kitchen or bathroom renovation, it’s a great idea to spend time deciding on a tile design. Below, we’ve gathered five great tile patterns for you to explore. 


If you’re looking for an encaustic tile renowned for stunning geometric patterns, look no further than the Victoria tile. These tiles are easy to distinguish because of their bold features and intricate designs. Typically, they’re used for historical restoration projects, but they’re quickly gaining traction in the modern market, thanks to sites like originalfeatures.co.uk

Herringbone Pattern

The Herringbone pattern has been a popular feature in Europe for around 100 years. It’s elegant and intricate and is designed to look resemble the skeleton of a herring – hence the name. To achieve this style, you will need to lay rectangle tiles in a zig-zag pattern along the length of the longest wall. If your property is small, this pattern is fantastic for opening up the space. To get the most out of the Herringbone, we suggest using neutral colours and laying it in narrow rooms.  

Basket Weave Tile Pattern

This intricate tile pattern resembles a woven basket, with tiles appearing to weave under and over each other. To achieve this pattern, you will need to lay brick-shaped tiles alternated between vertical and horizontal. You will be left with small square gaps to fill, which we suggest using a contrasting colour. The best materials for the basket weave pattern are onyx and stone, which help to form a classic chic vibe. 


There’s a lot to be said about the French when it comes to interior design, and their superb tiling choice comes top of the list. The Versailles (French) pattern is achieved by using a combination of rectangle and square tiles to create a puzzle-like pattern that’s balanced to perfection. Unfortunately, any old tile won’t suffice for the Versailles pattern – you will need to use purpose-designed tiles. 

Square Set

Square set is the most common and simplistic tile design, but many people use rectangles as well. Traditionally, the grout will look like a grid once everything is laid. If you don’t want your floor or wall distracting from the rest of the room, square set is the perfect choice for you. Although this style may sound boring, you can mix things up by contrasting the grout colour and alternating tile colours. 

Choosing the perfect tile design for your project is difficult but needs to be done before getting started. The best thing to do is to create a budget and decide on a dream aesthetic, and then lay a tile pattern to compliment. For example, if you’re trying to be chic, the basket weave pattern is a perfect choice. 

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