5 Different Types Of Drinking Glasses

 5 Different Types Of Drinking Glasses

If you love alcohol and enjoy socializing, then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t know how to drink. Sure, it might seem like a huge waste to not just chug the whole bottle at once, but drinking alcohol in moderation is an art form that some people need to master. You should definitely be able to drink alcohol like a connoisseur if you want to try and appear sophisticated in front of your friends, family or that special someone that’s standing beside you at the bar or at home when you order from after hours alcohol delivery services. This article will take a look at 5 different types of drinking glasses.


The pitcher is a tall and slender glass used to serve alcohol in bulk. It is similar in size to a mug; it holds about the same amount of alcohol as well. There are many variations on this classic design, from 12-ounce beer glasses to 2-quart mixing pitchers. Pitchers and mugs go well together on a bar cart or anywhere else alcohol is served in bulk.


The rocks glass, or old-fashioned glass as it’s also called, is largely the same as the highball glass, but with shorter proportions. It has more curves than its counterpart and is good for anything you would drink out of a highball glass.


The tall, slender shape of this glass is preferred by people who like to drink straight alcohol without adding mixers or ice. Since the alcohol isn’t diluted with any other ingredients, it’s important to pour carefully into this glass so that you don’t end up with too much alcohol in one sip.


The hooker is a tall, slender drinking glass with a long, curved lip. It has the same kind of alcohol drinking purpose as its counterpart; serving alcohol neat or on the rocks.


Drinking alcohol without mixers may seem like an odd concept to some people, but it’s actually very popular around the world. A shot glass is simply a small alcohol drinking vessel that can hold one, maybe two servings of alcohol. It’s the perfect size for shooters or strong drinks, and they also work well in bottles where you’re mixing alcohols together.


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