5 Essential Kitchen Remodel Features to Increase Property Value in San Diego

 5 Essential Kitchen Remodel Features to Increase Property Value in San Diego

Are you planning to sell your San Diego home shortly? Do you have plans of investing in another property and want to get the best rate possible?

Well, if that’s the case, it’s worth investing in some upgrades. And of the lot, the kitchen is one of the best places to invest in. Yes, a kitchen remodeling in San Diego goes a long way in improving your property value. Especially now post the COVID-19 pandemic where an increasing number of people prefer cooking their meals at home. Besides, the kitchen is a high-traffic room with so much time spent making dinner and spending family time together. While a kitchen update significantly impacts your home’s value, there are lots you can do to your home.

Of the lot, these five upgrades are the most essential.

  1. Smart Cabinetry and Storage Space:

Cabinets are one of the essential things people see when they enter your kitchen. It ensures they have sufficient space to store their staples, pots, and pans without much clutter.

You can decide on the types of cabinets to install based on the impression you wish to create. You can focus either on installing cabinets that maximize storage space or install something unique and aesthetic. Open shelves, tuck-away platforms, and tall cabinets with roll-out shelves go a long way in doubling your storage space.

  1. Open Floor Plans:

Open floor plans are the new norm today because it gives your home a warm and inviting vibe. It’s what most people look for while looking for their ideal homes these days.

Besides, an open floor plan provides for better kitchen customization, like adding a kitchen island. Kitchen islands are a trend these days for its looks and multi-functionality. They provide for added prep and storage space while dividing the kitchen into work and serving areas.

  1. Changing Countertops:

Sometimes all your kitchen may require is an updating of the countertops. It helps give your kitchen a refreshed look, which blends well with your kitchen tiling.

Besides, with people more focused on cooking at home these days, it’s worth broadening countertops to have more workspace. Collapsible or pull-out work surfaces are lifesavers when you occasionally cook in large quantities like at Christmas.

  1. Energy-Efficient Kitchen Appliances:

Equipping your kitchen with energy-efficient appliances goes a long way in increasing your property value. It’s because old fridges, dishwashers, stoves, and ovens consume lots of power.

With more people cooking at home these days, investing in energy-efficient appliances can save on utility bills. Make sure you check the appliances’ energy star ratings, looks, design, and dimensions so that they fit into your kitchen.

  1. Large Sinks:

If you have a traditional double sink, it’s worth upgrading to a single more massive basin sink. Double sinks don’t fit large pots, pans, and baking trays. Look for high-quality sinks, and pair with appropriate fixtures.

These are the five essential upgrades worth including in your kitchen remodel in San Diego. If done right with the right guidance and materials, your investment will offer significant returns on investment.

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