5 Exciting Craft Creations to Try at Home 

 5 Exciting Craft Creations to Try at Home 

Whether you have always been passionate about arts and crafts and spend a great deal of your free time making gifts for your loved ones and even creating beautiful items of clothing for yourself, or conversely are relatively new to crafting, you have clicked on the right article. 

Here are five exciting craft creations to try at home. 

  • Acrylic Pouring Art 

The first suggestion for a new and exciting crafting trend to try at home is the pouring art trend. All you need is to get your hands on some paints. 

Essentially, pouring art is the use of acrylic paints to create beautifully unique and striking abstract paintings onto a canvas, which can then be turned into anything from wall art to cushions and throws. You can let your imagination and creativity run wild with this trend. 

  • Air Dry Clay Pottery

Another excellent idea for the next time the crafting impulse strikes is to invest in some home pottery equipment.

Rather than investing in a myriad of different kilns, wheels, tools, and glazes, you can now purchase air-dry clay, which will enable you to create fantastic pieces of pottery at home without having to start expensive evening classes. 

  • Statement Cushions for the Sofa

Gone are the days when people decided to redecorate their homes that they had to follow strict fashion trends regarding the subtlety of the colors they chose and the limitations of fabrics.

These days, the more eclectic and personal you make your home’s design aesthetic, the better and the more stylish you will be perceived, and the more welcoming your home will be overall. This is why the third suggestion on the list for exciting craft creations is to invest in some beautiful cushion covers or materials to make cushions from the fabulous haberdashery reallymaria.com

  • Macrame Plant Holders 

Macrame wall hangings and baskets have been around since the 1970s, but have recently experienced somewhat of a renaissance when it comes to trending decorations for bedrooms, living rooms, and halls and landings alike. 

Experimenting with macrame is a fantastic way to let your creative side shine, with the best place to start on your macrame journey being a simple yet beautiful and effective plant holder.

To make a macrame plant holder, follow these simple steps:

  1. Hang your ring onto a special hook
  2. Thread each of the different ropes alternatively through the ring
  3. Fix together the ends of the strings and ensure each side is equally balanced
  4. Tie three separate knots with the outermost cords and unfold the rest of each cord

This is an excellent crafting option if you are a plant lover, as it will give you a unique way to display your greenery. 

  • Punch Needling 

Finally, for those crafters who are particularly adept with a needle and a thread, you may want to expand with punch needling.

Basically, punch needling involves a specific type of needle that is perfect for making rugs and other larger creations and works by creating a vast field of loops of thread which are all tightly packed together to create a smooth finish.  

Clare Louise

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