5 Facts About Bail Bonds You Should Know

 5 Facts About Bail Bonds You Should Know

Facing arrest and the court process yourself can be a stressful process. The situation worsens when the court gives you a high-priced bail bond or you face a long-term jail sentence. However, the availability of bail bond companies provides an avenue you can utilize to secure your release. The bail bondsmen take up the responsibility and ensure you get the money needed to facilitate your release. But what should you know about bail bonds? Check out these facts.

The Bail Is Set by a Bail Schedule or the Court

Most counties and states already have set bail schedules for different crimes and update the amount as time changes. However, there are cases where the defendant makes bail applications and waits for the court to consider their appeal through their lawyers. While you might be dealing with bail bondsmen, understand that only the court sets the bail amount. The bail bond company only acts on the instructions of the court to facilitate your release.

You Can Use Collateral to Facilitate Your Bail Amount

Unfortunately, not everyone has the money set aside to pay for the bail bond after arrest and facilitate release. While working with bail bondsmen is a crucial step, they might require a show of commitment before paying your bail. This means giving out collateral to secure the bail and get released. What the bail bondsmen take as collateral differs depends on the bail amount needed in court. Cars, title deeds, personal credit, bank statements, and credit cards are what you can use as collateral.

You Cannot Access Bail Bond Services in All States

As much as there are many related benefits, bail bond services are not present in every state. If you need to utilize their services, it is crucial to research and explore the local market for available bail bondsmen. This is because of the association of bail bonds with private lending services that some states or counties don’t allow them to operate. It is crucial to gather information and seek referrals to companies that provide bail bonds Twin Cities services. You also avoid disappointments when you know where to find the bondsmen.

There Is a Reasonable Rate Setting of Bail Amount

You should understand that the court is not allowed to set unreasonable, excessive, or unusual amounts as a means to punish the defendant. Before setting the rates, the court will consider the age, the current charges, the defendant’s criminal history, any record of failing to appear in court, a record of substance and drug abuse, perceived danger to the victim or other people, and a record of threat to jump bail. Note that if the charges against the defendants are significant, the bail amount can be higher too.

If You Jump Bail or Skip Court, Bounty Hunters Will Come After You

Once you secure bail, you have a responsibility to appear in court as per the scheduled dates. Any attempt to go against the court equates to having a warrant issued for your arrest. Understand that bondsmen will come after you and turn you back to jail if you jump bail. The repercussions can be extreme as your bail gets revoked and you get longer jail time in the end.

As much as you can get a reprieve from working with bail bondsmen, you should also be wary of several factors. What you know about bail bond services determines the value of your decision. For this reason, knowing facts about bail bonds becomes beneficial.

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