5 reasons to contact an employment discrimination lawyer in Austin

 5 reasons to contact an employment discrimination lawyer in Austin

As an employee, you have certain rights. While Texas is an at-will employment state, your employer cannot discriminate against you on certain grounds. The excellent news is legal help is around the corner. There are several situations when you may need the expertise and experience of an Austin employee discrimination lawyer. We have enlisted five common reasons below.


Any kind of discrimination that’s based on age, sex, sexual identity/orientation, religion, nationality, disability, or pregnancy is illegal. These are protected classifications, and if you believe that you have suffered the consequences for one of the reasons listed here, consider meeting an attorney. Ensure that you choose an attorney who is locally based in Austin and practices employment law. It is also a wise idea to consider whether the law firm represents executives and employees and whether they have a conflict of interest.  

Sexual Harassment

Both federal and state laws prohibit sexual harassment at work. It could be a case where your supervisor demands a favor in exchange for a promotion or the case of a hostile work environment. If you were subjected to remarks or jokes or were harassed by someone at work, you have the right to seek help. There are standard procedures that a victim is required to follow, and depending on the situation, you could take further legal action.

Wrongful Termination

You might have a wrongful termination case if you were fired from your job because you belong to a protected class or were engaged in whistleblowing activities. There are several such examples, and despite Texas being employment-at-will state, there are legal options available for employees who have been subjected to such action.

EEOC Claims

Just because you are older than the millennials or GenZ people doesn’t mean you can be terminated from the job or suffer discrimination at work. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) is there to protect you. If you have an EEOC Claim, talk to an employment lawyer immediately. Examples may include denying someone a promotion because of their age or not offering the same compensation.

Wage Disputes

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employees working beyond the standard 40-hour work week deserve 1.5 times their regular pay for extra hours. If you are not given the same wages or your employer denies you payment for the additional work, you may have a case.

Each case is unique, and it is best to talk to an employment lawyer at the earliest.

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