5 Reasons to wear sunscreen under a face mask

 5 Reasons to wear sunscreen under a face mask

During a pandemic, we have to wear masks. This forces us to reconsider our approach to cosmetic procedures. With the onset of heat, the skin needs protection from ultraviolet rays. Do I need to use sunscreen if masks are still in use? How to keep it on the skin? We will answer these questions in the article.

Do I need sunscreen?

Experts believe that sunscreen should be applied daily, even if you are wearing a mask. After all, our skin needs protection from ultraviolet rays. Sun exposure leads to burns and aging of the epidermis. Few of us wear a mask all the time. We usually take it off periodically, especially when outdoors.

Therefore, the sun cream should be applied all over the face. They also need to clean the neck, arms, and ears. We have to take off our masks during seasonal activities: picnics in nature, swimming, outdoor games. At this point, the skin becomes vulnerable. Experts advise using sunscreen as usual during a pandemic.

5 Reasons To Use Sunscream With UVmask:

  • Ultraviolet radiation is composed of UVA and UVB rays. The former is responsible for photoaging, while the latter causes sunburn. Creams protect against both types of rays. Cloth masks have an SPF level of about 7. This is not enough for reliable protection from ultraviolet radiation.
  • Most often, masks do not adhere tightly to the face and transmit UVA rays, which cause aging of the epidermis. Medical devices protect well from viruses, but not from the sun. Dark masks made of dense fabric are less likely to let in the sun’s rays than lightweight products made from light materials. But you cannot wholly rely on them. Regardless of the type of mask, sunscreen should not be neglected.
  • SPF creams are needed not only to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. Many of them contain antioxidants. These substances improve the condition of the skin. They can reverse photoaging.
  • Mineral creams soothe the skin. They adhere well to the face even under the UVmask and do not wear off.
  • Many people are afraid of the appearance of a mask. This is the name for skin irritation and inflammation caused by wearing a mask. It is often accompanied by the arrival of acne. In this case, non-comedogenic sunscreens should be chosen. They do not clog pores and create a protective layer between the mask and the face.

How to apply the cream?

Cover your entire face with sunscreen. Do not leave unprotected areas on it. Don’t forget to treat your lips. Their skin is fragile, easily damaged by the sun, and is often rubbed with a mask.

You should use a cream with an SPF of at least 30. If you are outdoors, apply the product every 2 hours.

If you are indoors most of the day, your skin protection needs to be renewed regularly. It is essential to apply a thick layer of cream in the morning. You can use SPF sprays and mineral powders throughout the day. Do not rub off the sunscreen. Wait for the cream to dry before putting on the mask.


The mask cannot serve as reliable protection against ultraviolet radiation. If you want to keep your skin youthful and beautiful, remember to use sunscreen daily.

Gill Daniel

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