5 Reasons why a German Shepherd Is Best Suited for Family Protection

 5 Reasons why a German Shepherd Is Best Suited for Family Protection

Dogs are not known as “man’s best friend” for nothing. Dogs are incredibly adorable and loyal, no matter the breed. Of course, each breed has different characteristics and even each individual dog has its own personality, but no one will argue that dogs are lovable. Because of their distinctive characteristics, some breeds are qualified as toy dogs, indoor dogs, house dogs, working dogs, and family dogs. 

Different breeds are considered family dogs, but German Shepherds are best suited as family protection dogs. Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Intelligent. German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, and they easily learn whatever they are trained to do. All over the world, German Shepherds are used by policemen as a part of their team, and this is because of their intelligence that makes them easily trainable. With their keen instincts and sharp senses, German Shepherds are able to look through situations and act accordingly.
  • Energetic. German Shepherds have very high energy levels and can keep up with kids. They don’t easily tire out and can play with children for longer periods of time. Because of their size, they can handle rough-housing with children but still be gentle towards kids. They are perfect to take along camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities because of their energy levels. 
  • Protective. All dogs are protective by nature, but German Shepherds have keen instincts and can be really great as family protection dogs. They know how to protect their humans and are excellent as guard dogs. With their excellent senses, German Shepherds are able to keep an eye on young children and watch that they do not get into trouble or when harm is about to come to them. 
  • Loyal. When trained to be around children at an early age, German Shepherds are loyal and bond easily with kids. Since they are easy to train and have boundless energy, training them to be around kids can be a fun experience for both puppy and the children, and they grow up becoming best buds. 
  • Respect. German Shepherds have high respect for humans when they are trained. Because of this, they can be very well-behaved and be the best family protection dogs. They treat their humans as part of their pack when they feel that their humans respect them as well. 

German Shepherds are generally healthy dogs and they do not get sick easily. They are easy to maintain and do not require too much attention once the training is completed. If you are interested in checking out a German Shepherd puppy, visit Von Wa-Bo, and see their champion line dogs. 

Von Wa-Bo breeds high-quality German Shepherds that are not only intelligent but absolutely gorgeous and adorable puppies. Their male and female dogs have won some of the world’s toughest competitions and are a testament to the breed’s showmanship and intelligence. 

Von Wa-Bo German Shepherds are imported and trained from the best kennels in Germany. Von Wa-Bo aims to breed world-class dogs that are of good temperament with a high working drive that is easy to train. 

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