5 Reasons Why Online Learning is the Future of Education

 5 Reasons Why Online Learning is the Future of Education

As the latest medium of education, online learning has become increasingly popular, especially during the Covid pandemic and lockdown. This new way of learning has opened up many options to people, and it has now become preferable to classroom learning.


One of the main perks that online learning gives its students is flexibility. You can learn wherever, whenever, from the comfort of your own home. Not needing to attend a class at a certain time of the day has been liberating for most students, giving them opportunity to schedule their day as they see fit.

Some people learn best early in the morning, while others are night owls who like to learn during the evening and/or night. Having the opportunity to learn at your own time with a recorded lesson changed learning forever, making it perfect for when your schedule is always changing.

Online education is adaptable to the needs and abilities of each student. In fact, most online learning platforms can only have one student at a time, which allows for the teacher to focus on the lessons the student struggles with.


For anyone who doesn’t really have time to go to school, online learning has been a gift. No required attendance, no time spent in the actual classroom, gives employed people a chance to learn something new while continuously doing their job. This further gives them the opportunity for a raise, or a promotion. In that way, rto materials give vocational education and training students required skills and knowledge for work, and you can access them from any place there is Internet connection.

In addition, having school online gives people the opportunity to proceed with their plans of travelling, or moving to another city, or even a country. Granted, there was not much moving during the pandemic, but traveling always remained an option. Simply because someone is acquiring a new skill, does not mean that they need to hurt their academic success, if they want to travel. Packing a few days’ worth of clothes, and a laptop, are all you need to get away for a while.

Learning at your own pace

Some people need less time to remember a lesson, while others can take more time. No two people have the same pace of learning. The pace is different because it largely depends on peoples interests and predisposition. If someone is learning to program, having a background in math and computer science will influence the speed at which they will master the lesson.

Online learning is great because it allows you to play and replay a lesson until you feel confident you are ready to go to the next one. Be it only once, or five times, you have the opportunity to do so, one which you did not have in a classroom.

Additionally, before any exam, students can pull up all your lessons, and read or listen to them again, making sure they are not missing any details.

No commuting

For some people, staying home may be a bad thing, while for others, a dream come true.

Some people struggle in classrooms, surrounded by others, and it is crucial to recognize that the problem might not be them, or the education/educator, but the way students actually learn. There are different ways of learning, and this might be a revelation to some, to find out more about their learning style.

Additionally, students do not have to lose time getting ready, dressing up, commuting to and from the actual, physical classroom, which can save two hours a day, or more.

Online learning has given students the opportunity to wake up five minutes before the class starts, open up the laptop, and carry it to the kitchen to brew some coffee.

Even though it may not be the way online learning was envisioned, students are still present, in a much better mood, and in much loungier clothes.

Time management skills

Having to make up your own time to actually listen to the class, attentively, and presently, made students develop splendid time management skills. It made the students aware that they need to coordinate their day to make room to study, making them more responsible and accountable for their learning, as a consequence.

This is a very valued skill to future employers. Showing that you can take responsibility is an excellent example to mention in any job interview. Seeing how you can commit to something and see it through demonstrates your dedication and self-motivation, both of which are desirable in the workplace.

Online learning opened up some much desired changes in the pace, and the way of learning. People are more eager to study, and have more time to do so. Online learning can potentially make classrooms obsolete.

Chris Jorioso

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