5 things nobody told you about KIA Carnival

 5 things nobody told you about KIA Carnival

Are you ready for the quest to get your next car? If you are up to one then, you are in the right place. Here I am going to discuss 5 points that nobody ever told you about KIA Carnival.

Okay, if you are wondering about how KIA Carnival is different from other cars. Here is a small intro followed by 5 different features of the car.

KIA Carnival

With all the benefits of a MUV like Toyota Innova, KIA Carnival has ample space and a well-rounded exterior. As KIA motors are spreading its wings over the Indian automobile market, it has launched KIA Carnival an SUV model in August 2019 which is shortly followed by Kia Rio, a hatchback model. The vehicle is basically a compact SUV with features similar to Hyundai Venue, a sister brand of KIA motors.

What are the 5 things nobody told you about KIA Carnival?

KIA Carnival has all the basic features of an SUV model car. Similar to Toyota’s Innova or Hyndai’s Venue it also has the benefits of large size that comes with a disadvantage of size. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on features of KIA Carnival.

Design of the car

As discussed earlier, SUV cars are not that pleasing in design because of their giant structure. KIA Carnival is an exception with a revised model. This new model was kept in display in the 2018 New York International motor show that is specially designed with an Indian palette. So it is expected to be a hit!

For instance, Innova’s first look was criticized badly for the poor exterior yet it has the biggest contribution to the Indian auto market.

Interior Design of the car

The interiors of the car are quite an onlooker with all the luxury features like extendable leg rests, armrest and spacious seats. The engineering gone into the design of this car is too much that the front and rear looks of the car are stunning. The front axles of the car are 3000mm apart and the absence of the transmission tunnel under the feet is the catch of the sleek and spacious design interiors.

Don’t forget to look at the safety kit!

The safety concerns are utmost in Carnival with 4 airbags, ABS, traction control, ESC, brake assist, EBD, hill start alert, tire pressure alert and the senors monitoring systems. Besides safety, the entertainment system in the car is also a stunner with a touch screen infotainment system, sunroofs (2 in number), memory function, power-adjustable seat for the diver, and finally a 3 zone climate control. Kia also launching new cars in Auto Expo 2020 in India.

The Engine

Four-cylinder diesel engine with 2.2 liters and this design is especially for the Indian market. Complying with BS6 it is expected to produce 202hp at 3800 RPM.

At affordable cost

It is expected the Indian market price will be close to 30 lac, that is too with a great upgrade in engine power compared to its rival Innova from Toyota.

Hoping, we helped you in finding a few important features to look into a KIA Carnival. Happy and safe motoring!

Clare Louise

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