5 Unique Ways to Pair White Shoes With Different Outfits

White shoes have never gone out of fashion since the time they were perceived as fashion items. The universality of white shoes lies in the fact that they can be paired with several outfits and emanates a look of sophistication and sass simultaneously.

Everyone must have at least one pair of white shoes. Such shoes work great with formals as well as casuals and thus are sold widely all over the world. It helps in defining your look and often gives you that much-needed dash of style even when you are casually dressed up.

If you have a pair of white shoes and are tired of wearing them with jeans and a t-shirt, here are some outfits you can pair up with your shoes and define your dress sense and personality.

White shoes don’t discriminate between men and women, and thus both can easily sport the look. However, we have categorised outfits gender-wise to help you pick according to your gender identity.

Ideas for Men

Basic Tee

You can pair your basic tee and trousers with a pair of white shoes and elevate the look to a different level. Whether you opt for jeans or more comfortable trousers, your white sneakers cannot go wrong. Such attire works great for a hot sultry day or even a lunch date where you do not want to look overdressed but do not mind getting compliments for your charm.

Checked Shirts

Checked shirts are much in vogue and look classy when paired with a washed pair of jeans. If you wish to sport a more casual look, you can always wear a white t-shirt and unbutton your shirt. A pair of white shoes will only make things better and bring the look together. 

Since your shoes are white, it doesn’t matter which colour shirt you opt for. You can pick just about anything in your wardrobe, and it would still look good with the shoes. Even if you wish to go for vibrant colour, your white shoes will balance the overall palette and not make you look hideous.

Shorts for Summer

Wearing jeans and trousers throughout the summer can be uncomfortable. Instead, opt for shorts and pair them up with classy white shoes. Such a look is great for house parties and casual outings. You can also go for a quick run in the evening in this attire and turn heads all through the way.

Ideas for Women

  1. Simple Dresses

People often assume that white shoes look good only with pants. The latest fashion trends will tell you short summer dresses and bodycon also go extremely well with these shoes. You can pair your white shoes with a breezy floral print flowy dress or a black bodycon to sport a chic look. The sneakers-dress combination is a hit and works well for several occasions.

  1. Boyfriend Jeans

It is needless to say that white shoes work great with traditional jeans and pants but what about the new styled pants? Gone are the days when we tortured ourselves with body-hugging jeans. Boyfriend jeans make life comfortable and stylish. Sneakers look great with such jeans and elevate the comfort quotient. This combination comes together to make a very stylish and comfortable fashion statement.

White shoes can be used in numerous ways. They are so versatile that everyone can come up with their signature look. It is not mandatory for you to abide only by the ways we have mentioned above. You can always try your own little fashion experiments, and who knows, you might come up with something amazing. Therefore, keep exploring with your pair of white shoes.

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