5 Unusual Ideas To Celebrate This Valentine

14th February, celebrated as Valentine’s day is considered to be the day of love and affection. It’s the day of couples and everybody who is in love. A day of gifts and surprises and gifts, a day of laughter and smiles and a day that is admired by all who believe in love. There are various ways of how couples and partners celebrate this day. Some gift each other teddy or chocolate while some go on movie dates and offer roses. Candle light dinner and romantic moments are the way people remember this day and it’s all cool to do all this.

But why celebrate a usual Valentine’s day when you can just go out of the box and think of other unusual ways to showcase your love and promise them that you will keep the love growing forever. Happiness is not only giving cute things, but it’s also something that moves beyond materialistic things, you can give your time to somebody and this is the most precious gift. Leave your regular work for a day and indulge yourself completely with your partner, make this day so special that they can always cherish it.

Go on an unplanned and unusual place

You can leave the cliche idea of having crazy costly trips and just take a tour of your own city. You can go to that area where you first met your partner or where you fell for them. List places that remind you of them and take them to all the places you visited together. More you can add little things like a ‘love you note’ or ‘be with me always’ note at every place you take them to. Click pictures together at every place to keep it as a memory forever. Take a guided tour of your own city and walk every special place there.

Create your own restaurant

Everybody goes to dinner and dates at a very famous restaurant or bar but you can obviously think something unusual. impress your partner with a restaurant-like ambiance at home and some light, heartwarming music first. Plan a table for two, set up some really sweet lights and carry on with their favourite drinks. Decorate each and every place, keep in mind that all the decorations should be their way, their most loved flowers and their favourite candles. Set up everything so romantic that your partner is all smiling when she/he will take the very first step.

Keep your single friends with you 

You must have heard that some of your single friends are organizing a party for all the singles out there. Think creative and rather than celebrating all day doing things for your love, you and your love can host a party for all your single friends. You can add more colors to this party with games and all the fun tasks. Friends are always there even when you don’t have the love of your life, so it’s your time now. When you have your love by your side, make sure not to hurt your friend who helped you at times. Moreover, have group dates or double date and make this valentine special for you, your love and also for all your friends.

Make gifts yourself

Your friend, his friend and everybody in this world buy gifts for their partners but you can think something finer. Instead of buying gifts from shops, you can try making one yourself. The things you make have a more personal touch and your partner will definitely be impressed. You can take classes and learn how to make soft toys. There’s no celebration without cakes, so you can make one at home with little effort. However, if you don’t have time to go to the stores, you can have cake home delivery in Bangalore and other states. you just have to fill all the essentials and you will get all you want at home. A rich creamy cake either be made at home or ordered online never hurts anyone. Always try to put little efforts and without any doubt, their smile is worth all of it.

Spread Love together

It’s casual to go for parties, clubs, and bars for Valentine’s day but you will be in no loss even if you spend that money on some kind of charity or offer them to the ones who are needy. You and your partner can and spend some time in old age homes or orphanages. Try giving money, clothes, and food to the old ones and children. If you can spend thousands on shopping, you can also shop for those who need them evidently. Doing good to others always makes you feel bright, show love and spread love together.

Yes, you and your love should spend all the time together but it will be better if you both could plan something for others too. Having each other is the strongest bond and you can definitely use these amazing ideas to strengthen your relationship.


Have a great Valentine!





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