8 Benefits of Wooden Flooring at Home

 8 Benefits of Wooden Flooring at Home

Wooden flooring is something that many of us have strong opinions on. It doesn’t quite fall into the “love it or hate it” category, but it’s certainly something that often comes with caveats, like “wood is great in the lounge, but never in the bedroom” or “wooden floors only look good with rugs” etc. But wooden flooring can actually look fantastic in most areas of your home and comes with many benefits. Below is a look at some of the best. 

It’s Long Lasting

Wooden flooring isn’t affected by footfall in the same way as carpet, which can quickly get trodden down and become matted and hard. Even better, if your wooden floor is starting to look tired, a floor repair and restoration company can clean up any damaged patches. This means that wooden floors need replacing far less frequently than carpets. 

This also means that wooden flooring can be ideal if you have young children or pets and need something hardwearing that doesn’t stain and is less susceptible to damage.

Wood is Easy to Accessorize

You can add rugs to carpet, but they have to match, and the different textures can feel heavy and strange underfoot. Adding a rug to a wooden floor is much easier, and a great way to change the look of a room if you are bored. 

Wooden Floors are Easy to Clean

We vacuum our carpets regularly, but there’s little that we can do to stop bacteria and dirt from getting trodden into the fibers. Carpet also stains easily and can start to look dirty very quickly. Wooden floors rarely stain, and it’s easy to wipe up spills. You can even sweep with a dustpan and brush, instead of having to use power vacuuming all the time. 

Wooden Floors Can Be Healthier

All that dirt and bacteria that you are treading into your carpet stays there. It affects the air quality, and the smell, of your home. With wooden floors, you don’t have this problem. Your house will smell fresher and be healthier

Wooden Floors Can Make a Small Room Feel Larger

Carpet is heavy, it takes up room, and is great if you want to make a room feel cozy and warm. But if you are trying to open up a small room then it can be too much. Wooden floors are flat, they take up less room and help a small space to feel larger and more open

It Looks Expensive

Wooden flooring isn’t always more expensive than carpet; in fact, it can be significantly cheaper in some cases. But it always looks expensive. 

It’s Stylish 

Wooden flooring isn’t a décor trend that is going to be unfashionable in a few years. It’s worth your investment because it will look as stylish in 10 years as it does today. 

The Color Won’t Fade

Carpets often fade in the sun. You might not notice until you move furniture, but over time the color will fade. Wooden flooring doesn’t fade. As long as you clean it, it will stay the same color for its whole life. 

Wooden flooring looks great, it’s hardy, easy to look after, and can last for a long time. So, what’s stopping you? 

Clare Louise

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