8 Most popular coffee drinks to try if you love coffee

Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages in the world. Know for its distinct bitter taste and deep brown colour, it contains caffeine, which has positive effects on the human body. Drinking coffee can refresh the mind and help improve concentration. This is why professionals at offices or students before tests are often seen sipping on this delicious beverage.

Coffee is a powder made from roasted and ground coffee beans. It has a wide variety of varieties depending on the region where the coffee beans are grown, the type of beans, the type of roasts and the flavours. Instant coffee powder is a simple way of getting already roasted and ground coffee, packaged to last for many months. Sunbean produces delightful coffee products like the instant beaten coffee paste, Sunbean beaten coffee along with Sunbean Gourmet coffee too.

There is a range of coffee drinks you can make with a great coffee powder. Here are 8 coffee drinks to try at home today:


Not exactly a drink on its own, Espresso is a base for many coffee creations. Espresso is a result of including ground coffee beans to nearly boiling water. A shot-sized amount is required to make other drinks. Espresso is thicker than other brews and is highly concentrated coffee.


One of the most popular coffee drinks, an Americano only consists of coffee and water in a 2:1 ratio. All you need to make this drink is espresso, made from a trusty espresso machine and hot water. This beverage is classic and is appreciated by those who love strong cups of coffee without milk, cream or sugar.

Cold Brew

As its name suggests, this drink is an iced coffee made to refresh you anywhere, any time. To make a cold brew, grind coffee beans till a coarse coffee powder is formed. In a container, add this powder with water and refrigerate for up to 12 hours. Then add ice to the mix and enjoy your delicious cold brew. This drink is particularly good in the summers and during hot afternoons.


A cappuccino is a staple on every café’s menu card. This drink consists of milk, froth/foam and espresso, all in equal quantities. Result: a creamy and frothy coffee drink that is slightly sweet and yet bitter. You can also prepare this drink at home. All you need is hot milk, espresso and a frothing machine for the froth part of the drink.


Latte or Caffe Latte is an Italian coffee drink made from steamed milk, espresso, and cream. A latte has been the poster child for coffee drinks for ages. This is the same popular drink that contains creamy latte art of hearts and many other sweet shapes.

Flat White 

Popular at a breakfast spread, a Flat White is a delicious coffee drink that can be very easily confused with a Latte. Made with espresso and steamed milk, this drink does not contain added froth but sports a “flat” layer of hot milk instead. 


Mocha or Caffe Mocha is a type of latte with the added sweetness of chocolate. Usually served in a glass, this drink is generally tall and contains foam on top of it with a drizzle of chocolate powder or sauce.

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is a culmination of a double espresso, whiskey, whipped cream and sugar. This drink is warmer as it contains the headiness of whiskey and perfectly suits cold evenings or the winter season. Irish coffee is also perfect for a post-meal drink.

Happy coffee drinking!

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