8 Ways to Include a Rummy Game in a Tea Party

 8 Ways to Include a Rummy Game in a Tea Party

A tea party could a fun thing to organize. It is an even where people get together over a cup of tea. The interactions and conversations with others make the celebration special. Now you may want to put up a tea party owing to a special occasion or at a random. After all, who needs a reason to meet over with family and friends? Also, if you are a lover of Indian rummy and card games, then there are many ways you can include this activity during the party. Below we have discussed a few tips for it.

  1. Plan a Get Together

Decide the day and time for the tea party. Select the destination and venue. If you want to keep the event cost-effective, then organize it right at your home. Or you can even hire a function hall for the same. Take into account the number of invites you have to send. Set a timeline for the response from the invited. Whoever does not respond to the invite, you can personally ring them up and know what they have on their mind. Make a room for activities such as a rummy game, chess, carom, book reading, recitation, dance, singing songs, etc.

  1. Chalk Out the Events

Once you prepare the list of activities to include, know who will host the show. If you have someone from your family or friend circle to do the job, then consider them. Or if you want to hire a resource, then get in touch with the people right away. It can take time to find someone who is good at the mentioned activities, and someone who can host the shows well. You may even try and host a few of the shows. Know which of the included activities you are good at, and take the reign in your own hands.

  1. Arrange the Props

So, you have the events planned and people onboard who will take care of those. Now it is time to arrange the props. Get all the necessary objects and things you need in place for the activities. Do not keep this task for the last minute. Arrangement of props can take days together. Sometime you need to also redraw the budget for the tea party owing to the expense of the props. If you can arrange a few from your house, do so. For instance, you can get playing cards set if you have those with you.

  1. Get Some Help from Others

As you may need people to manage the activities, you may need a few for other tasks as well. You need people who are good at budgeting, putting up decorations for the tea party, deal with the suppliers, arrange for beverages and snacks, etc. While you may have solely taken the responsibility of the event, it is always good to have a helping hand around. So if someone wants to volunteer then do not think twice before agreeing to the assistance.

  1. Set an Activity Time

You need to plan out which activity will be held at what time. So a timeline for the events is necessary. You can start with interesting activities. In between you may keep a few games, such as board games, playing card games, Poker, and others. The latter half of the tea party can comprise of exciting performances. If people from the guest lists wish to put up a performance, then that should be encouraged as well.

  1. Someone Who Knows the Game Well

If you alone know how to play rummy that may not be enough. If a majority of people coming to the event are unaware of the game, then you will need a few people who can guide the guests in understanding the game. So, if you have such people in your friend circle then ask them to volunteer during the game of rummy. They can get together to present a demo and then the competition can start. Gradually people will pick interest and enjoy the tea party.

  1. Decide Rewards for Winners

Whoever follows the rummy rules and plays the tricks of the game the best is surely to win. The winners should be rewarded with gifts. Every activity winner must get a gift. Plan for the gift items that you wish to distribute among winners. If you purchase the gift items in bulk, then you may save a good amount of money on the bulk order. You can even keep souvenirs of the party as a gift for participants. This will surely leave a good taste among the guests.

  1. Join a Gaming App

As the tea party comes to a close, the guests are already acquainted with the activities held for the day. So, if you want to take your love for gaming ahead, you can send a rummy app invite to the guests. Whoever wants to pursue their interest in this card game will surely join the suggested website or app. And may down the line you can enjoy a game or two with them on the gaming platform.

To Conclude

A tea party is an interesting event. You can invite all your close and dear ones here. Organize a few games and activities such as card games, and keep the celebration going.

Clare Louise

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