9 Tips to Organize a Home Workshop on How to Play Rummy

 9 Tips to Organize a Home Workshop on How to Play Rummy

Have you ever thought about organizing a workshop on card games? This is a great idea, because not only will it interest you, but help others find a new hobby as well. A game of rummy could be a fine choice for the event. This game is a household pastime for many people. And now, you can turn it into a lucrative deal for yourself. But, how will you host this activity? What are the essentials that you will have to focus on and arrange? In the below post, we have discussed details as to how to plan the gaming activity, and increase the number of participants down the line.

  1. Update on Your Skills

Firstly, you need to brush up your skills on Indian Rummy so as to be sure of organizing a workshop. For this, you should play the card game regularly for a few days. Get a deck of cards and start playing with your dear ones. Or you can even switch to a gaming website and play on there. Practicing the game for a few days will help reconnect with the tricks and strategies needed for a win. You will be able to upgrade on skills such as concentration, brain power, mathematical calculations, thinking ability, tact, observation, and more.

  1. Set a Date for Activity

Once sure of your rummy game knowledge, plan for the day for workshop. Perhaps the weekend is a good time, as everyone could be free at that time. Or if majority of members you wish to invite are available on a specific date, choose that. After choosing the date, you need to select the time slot. Is morning hour comfortable for all? Or, afternoon/evening/night is the best? Get to know the details before asking out the participants. The timing should be such that both the members and you should be available for the event. If you have known people to call out for the activity, then you can consult and ask for the time slot they are okay with.

  1. Send Out Invitations

After confirming the date and time, you need to prepare invitations for the members of workshop. If you wish to hold an online rummy activity, then you can send invites through email or phone number. Or, if you want to take the traditional route, then you can send letters or telegram for the same. The mode of sending invites depends on your choice and proximity of members. For instance, if all the attendees are from the neighbourhood, then you can simply call them up on telephone. You can meet them in person to ask out for the event. Or, you can drop a note at their doorstep.

  1. Get Things in Place

Now that you have welcome people to the event, you need to arrange the necessary. If you are holding theultimate rummy activity at your home, then you need to decide the space to put up the workshop. Is it going to be indoors or outdoors? Is it going to be at the front room, veranda, garden, backyard, etc? You will have to arrange furniture, a whiteboard and marker perhaps to write key points, several decks of cards depending on the number of expected participants, etc. Also, you need to clear out the space before the day, organize the area, and keep it ready for the game.

  1. Keep the Participants Interested

Once the participants arrive, you may offer them a welcome drink and few snack items. Break the ice by initiating a casual conversation. Talk to them about card games and which ones they like, are they aware about rummy at all, and other similar topics. Ask them about their pastime and their schedule, and how the game may fit in their life. Talk about the benefits of the game, and how it may help them boost their mental ability and thinking power. Tell them how a simple game can be used in their break time, and refresh their mind, etc.

  1. Make Them Learn Something New

Now begin them to teach how to play rummy with a deck of cards. Group them up in teams and go around to teach them the skills and moves. Monitor the moves of all the players and guide them with tricks. Hold a few games, so that every player gets the hang of the game. After each player understands the basic of the game, ask them to play among each other without providing any assistance. This way you will know how well each person has grasped the skills you have taught them.

  1. Ask for a Follow Up Meet

When the event is done, ask the members if they would like to join again for a further course. The first workshop may update the attendees with rummy rules and gameplay. But it may not entirely make them an expert at the game. To become an expert player, further guidance could assist them better. So, ask them how many are up for a second meet, and henceforth. You may decide the fee for the activity beforehand, the time and date as well, so that the next communication is easier between the members.

  1. Increase the Number of Members

If you wish to invite a greater number of players for the next event, then take down referrals from the participants. You can give each attendee a benefit of free rummy sessions, on each successful joining of a referred members. This way, it will help you in your motive, and the participant as well. You can ask the person to refer you the contact details, or simply bring new people in the next workshop. If you may, you can send a formal invite to the new member as well.

  1. Host Similar Events in the Future

If your workshop is going well, then why not host similar events in the future? If not yet, you may join a rummy online platform, and invite the attendees on it. Stay connected with them there, and engage in a game or two with them regularly. Or, if you want to keep the events private, then host regular events with the same members, and the new ones, as per your liking. In fact, you can start a group event with the participants who have gained expertise already at the game. You can charge a commission from the member for availing them space in your home for the activity.

Final Word

Workshops for card games may sound interesting, and definitely exciting to hold. But, what about your leisure with this favourite pastime? To give time to the game at personal level, join Khelplay Rummy, a website for card-enthusiasts. Here, you can find all formats – classic games, practice games, cash games, and tournaments. You can play for points, deals, and pool, and a lot more. You can earn bonus points from referrals and bonus on making the first deposit as well.

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