A Berkey Water Filter Review

 A Berkey Water Filter Review

It is always important to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. It’s also important to make sure that drinking water is safe and clean to consume. With all the pollution in the world today, it is scary to drink tapped water. Because of this, one must use water filters like the ones made by Berkey Water Purifiers.  For more Berkey water filter reviews, visit the official USA Berkey website

But how would one know what water purifier is the best to use? Water purifiers look all the same from the outside but what about the inside? Are there different types of water purifiers? If yes, how does each one work? Will, it cost much?

Among all those questions, the easiest to answer is the latter one. Yes, it might cost much but, anything to keep one’s health safe is of no consequence. Not only will they keep themselves safe, but their families will benefit as well.

To understand water purifiers, this article will discuss different types of water filters. It will also showcase each filter’s role in purifying drinking water. This will help in deciding the best water purifier to use in any home.

Different types of water filters

  1. Ceramic filters

One would see ceramic filters within an under sink or benchtop system. Ceramic filters use cartridges in water filtration. Components of ceramic water filters include fossil materials compressed in little shells. Silicon is the main component of these shells.

Ceramic filters work by filtering water contaminants through its pores. Should one choose this filter, they will discover that it’s a very effective water filter. The thing is that one has to commit to its routine maintenance. It needs more maintenance than a normal carbon filter. This is the reason why it costs more than carbon filters.

  1. Distillation filters

Distillation filters are by far one of the best water purifiers in the world. This is because it can make the purest water above all standards. It can remove even the most stubborn of water contaminants. There is a catch, though. With quality like this, one should expect a high price for it. It also needs a hefty amount of maintenance.

Another drawback is the amount of time that this filter needs to produce clean water. It needs at least an hour to provide a liter of distilled water. This shows its limitation to produce water at any given time.

Recent studies also show that distilled water disrupts the balance of minerals in a human’s body. This means to provide safe water, it removes almost all impurities within the water. What’s left is water in its purest form. This results in acidic water.

One can still use distillation to filter water by adding something to its process. A process to return alkaline in the water should serve as its final stage. Aside from alkaline, they need to add beneficial nutrients in the water as well.

That said, people need the minerals removed by distillation from drinking water. Minerals improve a human’s metabolism and immune system.

  1. Reverse Osmosis

In a reverse osmosis procedure, a fine membrane filters the passing water. This very fine membrane filters all possible contaminants and impurities from the water. It is a popular filtration method because it can remove high-level contaminants.

This procedure works in two ways. One part of the membrane processes the dirty water which goes down the drain. The other part processes the purified water. It is an effective way to separate the two types of water from each other. A lot of pressure happens in the filtration process. This results in the slow production of drinking water like distillation. At least, one will drink pure water afterward.

Like distillation, it suffers from frequent maintenance and a high price. One needs to maintain this water filter on a regular basis. Not doing this will result in bacteria build-up. The water it produces is acidic as well and has no nutrients. Drinking water from this procedure is not effective for proper body hydration. Human cells will not receive the needed nutrients and minerals as well.

That said, one must add stages to this method to reintroduce minerals and alkaline in the water. That would ensure that the water is not only safe to drink but will improve health as well. This is what Berkey Water Purifiers hope to achieve.

  1. Activated Alumina

An aluminum ore called bauxite is the main component of this type of filtration. The bauxite filter undergoes specific treatments to make it porous and adsorbent. A calcination procedure done at 500 degrees centigrade will produce this filter. It will also remove any organic substance. The whole activated alumina filtration procedure depends on the amount of bauxite used.

One can see this type of filtration in cheaper water filters. These filters can also remove high amounts of fluoride. But, this filtration method varies in quality and performance. On top of that, it also has a very short lifespan. The amount of fluoride removed from the water depends on the water’s acidity level. If the water has high acidity, the less effective this filtration method is. It can also reintroduce aluminum back into the filtered water.

  1. Ultraviolet (UV) filtration

As the name suggests, it uses ultraviolet light to filter the water of impurities. High-frequency light passes through a glass element to irradiate the water. Water then passes through the same element and the light as well. That light will remove any organism living within the water.

Ultraviolet filtration systems kill any organism that can cause water-borne illnesses. This is why most people use this method when filtering tapped water. Local tapped water has a high percentage of excrement and organic matter within it. One would see this filter in third-world countries that use rainwater for drinking.

The drawback of this method is its price. It also cannot remove other contaminants in the water. This means the water still needs to go through several filtration methods. Some elements used in UV systems need changing from time to time to ensure its effectiveness.

With that information, one will now know what to get from Berkey Water Purifiers. They can now choose depending on the need and one that would suit their needs.

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