A Brief Look Over For The Process Of Hat Manufacturing

 A Brief Look Over For The Process Of Hat Manufacturing

Most of us are always interested in the finished good, and only a few of us get into knowing the Hat factory (โรงงานผลิตหมวก, which is the term in Thai) manufacturing details. Different hats get made from distinct materials, and each gets specifically designed by end visioning the customer. The process of manufacturing at the Jacket factory (โรงงานเสื้อแจ๊คเก็ต, term in Thai) has drastically changed and requires less labor, as most of the tasks get handled by the machine nowadays. The molds and trims will be the utmost step that will give a final look or the layover of your hat and jacket, so if you are looking at the process from scratch, this is the perfect guide for you.

·       Selection Of Fabric And Sewing:

The designers choose the material of the fabric and create a blueprint of the hat or jacket that can get used as the model reference for further manufacturing. If you look around the types of fabrics for production, you may find cotton, acrylic, denim, leather, and others as well. There is a whole other procedure involved to prevent color bleeding and dye the color efficiently.

The layer of fabrics gets arranged in a manner to cut and sew it by the man or machine. Every corner and cut has to be precise to get a good quality final product. The production phase ensures that a standard product is made out of a piece of fabric and lasts for a period with a standard and carefully sewed process.

·       Design and Decoration:

Here comes the actual design, and giving a finished look to the hat or jacket process comes. The embellishments, add-ons, embroidery gets designed on it with advanced machines. Different badges get imported from companies to the factories to symbolize their brand.

·       Assembling It All Together:

At the Hat factory after, all the designs and embellishments get decided by the designer, it is time for assembling it all. The sweatband, Velcro strap, zippers, metal buckles, and other add-ons get assembled.

·       Quality Finish Inspection And Last Changes If Required:

The hat or jacket finally goes to the last step of the process where the open threads and defective pieces get thrown out also it gets reformed. The hats get molded using a hot mold and observed and examined for quality standards before, and it gets packaged at the Jacket factory and shipped off to the retail and wholesale stores.

·       Getting The Finished Product:

When the finished product gets arrived at the local store, it has already gone through so many procedures. The next time you see people wearing hats or jackets or wear them by yourself, you can visualize a beautiful sculpture and what it has gone through.

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