A Complete Guide on Concrete Resurfacing Driveways

 A Complete Guide on Concrete Resurfacing Driveways

After a period of time, resurfacing driveways became a necessity due to several reasons. And this is completely different from other types of common repairs and sealing methods. Even though resurfacing of a parking lot of a driveway will not last as long as the installation of new asphalt, it is quite an ideal option, which is considered by many people due to their financial concerns. But the concrete resurfacing is one of the best alternatives and a budget-friendly method employed for face-lifting faded, old, and cracked driveway surfaces.

This method is also utilized by spraying on the concrete, which is quite effective and a useful method against all other types of surface imperfections. It is an economical option. In recent years, a lot of progressions has been seen in this industry, which results in reducing the cost of concrete resurfacing to some extent that it is now considered as the best option to change the look of any house; flexibility is the main reason why this type of resurfacing is getting popularity. Whether it is about to install in a driveway, backyard, wall, swimming pool, or garden surfaces, this method can handle all types of surfaces.

There are different techniques and ways that are utilized to perform this type of resurfacing, depending upon the surface type. There are a few of these techniques mentioned-below:

Driveway surfacing:

Surfaces of driveways and parking lots are extremely prone to wear and tear as these surfaces have to handle and bear the weight of heavy automobiles, as well as these surfaces are exposed to extreme temperature, external elements, and pollution. So with the use of concrete surfacing, one can easily get back the solid look of their driveway.

It is a complete method that is followed to install this type of surfacing. It is as follows:

  • Firstly, the driveway or a parking lot is thoroughly cleaned and cleared by making use of a high-pressure washer
  • And to clean the grease, oil stains and remove the cracks, degreasing agents are to clean the surface
  • After cleaning the surface, cracks are filled with the help of concrete dressing. Putty knife and caulking gun are used to fill up all sizes of cracks
  • And due to the need for applying fresh concrete, the concrete dressing is mixed in small batches
  • After this entire process, the driveway is left untouched for at least one day.
  • Once the concrete is fully dried, a protective sealant is applied to complete the surfacing procedure.
  • This is a very cost-effective method that can be performed by anyone without the need of hiring a professional

Spray-on paving:

  • This process is appropriate if you need to transform an old, worn-out, and cracked concrete surface into a new one.
  • For this procedure, a polymer-modified coating is used for the better treatment of the existing coating surface
  • Surprisingly, this procedure is best for both old and new surfaces
  • Spray-on paving offers several design combos
  • It provides astonishing results in less time
  • It is quite expensive than other methods

Lime coat end:

  • This method of resurfacing involves the application of limestone or quartz coating.
  • It is actually applied on the surface to enhance the reflective property
  • It is employed to restore historical buildings and monuments
  • Limestone coating is widely used in both industrial and commercial industries
  • This is also an expensive method as it requires perfection in work; that is why it takes more time
  • For this method, expert supervision is a must

Stamped concrete surfacing:

  • In this technique, patterned and textured mats are utilized to spray on the surface
  • This type of surfacing is used for decorative concrete surfacing
  • To some extent, it is costly but affordable at the same time

So these are some of the most common yet effective concrete resurfacing driveways methods that you can use to resurface your driveway and give it a new and better look again.

Teresa Martinez

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