A complete oral sex guide for men and women

 A complete oral sex guide for men and women

There are more than one variant of sex, and oral sex is one of the top three on the list. Penetrating sex is awesome, and anal sex is explosive, but have you explored oral sex? While sex could be boring and somewhat tiring as time goes on, it is important that you have options and improvisations at the ready. So, while you enjoy penetrating sex, it’s not bad to switch to enjoying a bit of oral sex while at it.

Oral sex is one of the most interesting forms of sex to explore with your partner, if you have one. One of the most important facts to note about oral sex is to always be present at all times. You shouldn’t be having oral sex with your partner and your mind is elsewhere. So, be sure your mindset towards oral sex is as plain as possible. If you are giving oral sex intending to do it as a favor or a means to an end, then you might not fully enjoy it. So, ensure you have the right motive towards it and enjoy it accordingly.

You can also learn from porn videos on online adult sites how to give the best and most explosive oral sex for both men and women. Oral sex feels differently in men and women. So, ensure you understand the sexual know-how embedded in the concept of oral sex if you truly want to enjoy it to the fullest.

Here are some of the tips you need to know to enjoy oral sex for both men and women.

Seek consent first:

Irrespective of whether you are in the mood or not, ensure you carry your partner along and ask for permission first. Always check in with them to be sure they are in the mood for any sexual activity at that moment. If they aren’t, respect their opinion and their private space. No sexual experience would be enjoyable if both partners are not okay with it. So, don’t be selfish with what you are feeling at the time. Ensure your partner is feeling the same way as you if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. Consent in intimacy is one of the most important features your relationship must have if you want to enjoy the best of intimacy.

Don’t forget to use your hands:

That it is oral sex doesn’t mean you shouldn’t involve your hands. In fact, for you to have the best form of oral sex, you need to be sure your hands are carried along the same way your mouth is used. Oral sex begins with the hand, so, move your hand slowly around your partner’s private, massage it as much as possible and stroke them when necessary. Once you can establish intimacy by walking your hands through their body, then you can proceed to use your mouth.

Don’t forget to add more spit:

No oral sex would go wrong with extra spit. So, add as much spit as possible. Extra spit means extra juice; it makes the entire process as freaky and dirty as possible. Irrespective of what oral sex you are having at the moment; don’t be shy to add extra spit.


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